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  1. Canucks should donate

    I love how quick people are to take a dump on someone trying to be optimistic and positive. He's not a multi-million dollar organization. Lay off dude, sheesh.
  2. Thatcher Demko | G

    His dad started following multiple Vancouver related twitter feeds lately. Take a deep breath people, this should ease some minds. Why bother following vancity media if you don't plan on signing.
  3. Thatcher Demko | G

    This deserves so much more recognition, actually laughed out loud
  4. [Signing] Canucks sign Troy Stecher

    Worst case scenario this serves as a incentive for Boeser to sign here next year. I'm okay with that. Best case scenario we score a great top 4 defenseman. Win win imo great signing. Caggiula next please!
  5. North Dakota NCAA champs

    Maybe, I'm incredibly anxious, but until he signs a ELC I need to stop getting my hopes up. For some reason I think signing both Demko & Boeser is just too good of luck for the Canucks. People tend to forget how so much has gone against us as a whole. Don't mean to bring everyone down with my negativity. Just a fan who's been burned too many times. I have issues, alright?!