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  1. lol just came in to see who a$$ u were gunna kick
  2. 17 yr olds drinking in a vehicle on the freeway enroute to surrey what could possibly go wrong?
  3. not to take anything away from demkos story , ken Dryden was called up to play back up to Vachon , who was one of the best at the time . with only 6 NHL games Dryden took over in their playoff run and won the cup , he also took the conn smyth .
  4. I never did understand why they would expose the young guy while re-signing the older player ,JM s play wasn't to shabby either ,he walks they get nothing for him, and the money JM is going to want , they wont have to shell out equivalent paper for demko for a Cpl of seasons demko's the keeper any way you look ay it.
  5. can we have carly agro between periods instead of all the dorks (bieksa excluded)
  6. all the penalties they have been gifted , bettman, vegas gotta be a little pi$$ed off by now