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  1. there are some very good hockey announcers in the states ,that aren't high profile , local stations in Chicago and boston both giving an unbiased broadcast.
  2. i'm with you on that. his use of baseball references during his hockey broadcasts is just weird , or a little to muricin for me I found this on his Wikipedia site . he thinks of himself as the guide or go to announcer from wiki Emrick is a founding member, and still president, of the NHL Pronunciation Guide, which is used as a guide for all NHL broadcasters for some of hockey's most difficult names
  3. so only commercial fishermans familys ,with a 200 year history get to stake claim? the Mi'mak and acadians fought the british for 75 years in the early 1700s ,and held them off . the 2 groups formally complained to the French commander at fort louisborg only to have france stake claim to the entire east coast . the 2 groups NEVER conceded ANY land ever nor were they included in the initial treatys .since all of these raw deals way back when they have signed 'peace and friendship' treatys one of which allows the harvesting of cod, capelin, lobster ,crab ,shrimp ,shellfish. Being half Haida myself and knowing how long they have inhabitated Haida Gwai (14,000) years that they know of...the length of time spent in the area is exactly how it works . when this lobster fiasco goes back to court which it will . all the clouded memories will be cleared up. something like this would never happen on the west coast since the commercial sector ,fisheries, the processing and the enhancement , the majority would be Native input. the east coast fisheries has always been a greedy MESS!
  4. today in musical history the beatles came out with this....
  5. i'll take the slow and steady guy with access to the nuclear codes thank you very much.
  6. lol just came in to see who a$$ u were gunna kick
  7. 17 yr olds drinking in a vehicle on the freeway enroute to surrey what could possibly go wrong?