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  1. NFL thread

    Glad they didn't re-sign Welker or sign Wallace (which I would have done). Although the Jets will likely blow chunks next year ... suck for Manziel!!
  2. NFL thread

    It was the first year New Era had the contract. They signed a 5 year deal with them that began last year. They're usually really good with their products (see MLB), so I expect nice toques next year too.
  3. NFL thread

    Well they usually make new hats/toques every year.
  4. NFL thread

    Are you referring to toques only? Because New Era's contract with the NFL is five years.
  5. NFL thread

    I don't think Suggs is a good example of a person that "stays quiet" ... he's been pretty consistent with his trash talk.
  6. NFL thread

    I actually have less of a problem with Suggs talking trash than Sherman. Suggs has proven to be one of the premier defenders in the league consistently. And the Ravens D is largely the reason they've experienced so much success. It's not his fault the offense wasn't able to win them games. Wasn't until this year that Flacco and the O really stepped up their game. Sherman on the other hand has played 2 years and 2 playoff games, and in one of them he got completely burned for a TD by Roddy White. I really don't have a problem with players talking trash. It's fun, adds excitement and helps to build rivalries making games more intense.
  7. NFL thread

    You consistently prove that you have no idea what you're talking about. Peyton loss to the Saints 3 years ago.
  8. NFL thread

    Haha, as I was typing it I knew you'd bring up 07'. And to the Patriots' credit, the years they won they actually had good defenses. We'll never know the extent to which spygate helped.
  9. NFL thread

    Article advocating to trade Brady, I wouldn't do it personally...but if anyone was gonna do it, does anyone doubt Bellichick would be the guy? lol
  10. NFL thread

    Against the Eagles and Panthers I thought the Patriots were the better team, but the Rams game is the one that I will forever question. I don't remember who exactly it was, I think Torry Holt, but he said that it was almost as if the Patriots knew what they were doing every play. (This was a team that was putting up 35+ every game). He also mentioned that when they changed the gameplan was when they started having success, I think they got all their points in the second half, not sure though. I don't know, I think the penalty they got was pretty weak and if it wasn't so early in Goddell's time as GM, they probably woulda got slapped harder. But, it's sort of moot unless there is concrete evidence that comes out proving the only reason the Patriots won was because of spying on the opposing team, otherwise it's kinda pointless.
  11. NFL thread

    Probably cause you didn't watch it. Just sayin'
  12. NFL thread

    How is someone repeating "the Patriots haven't won anything since 2007" any different than someone saying "Patriots have been to 5 Superbowls and 7 Championship games in 12 years"
  13. NFL thread

    Stat of the day: Mark Sanchez has more playoff wins than Tom Brady in the last 4 years.
  14. NFL thread

    Also, for everyone who doesn't know - and there are quite a few people, Ed Reed wasn't on the first Ravens Superbowl team [yeah it was that long ago].
  15. NFL thread