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  1. :lol: :lol:
  3. Thing is - both the defender and Tate had both their hands on the balls; benefit of the doubt was given to the offense and I agree with it, though Tate pushing off the d man was awesome!
  4. What a finish!!!! Amazing! - even more controversial than the Pats ending!
  5. Besides BB (Pats fan), Pete Carroll is my fav. Coach in the NFL. Props for containing the Packers as much as they have done today - gonna be a fun finish.
  6. ....Still not over yesterdays Pats loss Just gonna set this straight - it was the best game I've seen this season so far, and it was just crazy intense! 6-8 scrums in the 1st quarter alone and you could tell Lewis and Brady wanted the bragging rights and win (They're good friends, but on the field, are the most fierce competitors you'll ever see). Great game, best opponent the Pats will face this year, but can't get over the stupid refs! Just rubbish reffing and the field goal was a really close call tbh, and I thought they missed - started jumping up and down and screaming, then I saw the call from the refs.....messed up thing was, neither team knew if it was in or not; each team, 50% of the roster thought it was a miss, other 50 thought it was in. .....real good game, but refs, refs, refs