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Getting an iPhone 5: Which Plan and Carrier?

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I had an iPhone 3GS and switched to the S3 just a couple weeks ago and so far I'm loving it! The battery life is amazing, no idea what that other user said about crappy battery life. Don't worry about the screen size because once I started using my S3, I got used to the size and when I look back at using an iPhone, I was wondering how in the hell I could survive with that tiny screen. For me, I would've gotten the iPhone 5 as well just because it was able to sync with my Mac and iMessage and all that stuff but at the same time, when I switched phones, the S3 was $0 at Telus so I just had to switch to the S3 to try it out.

For my plan, I've got Fave 10 (unlimited text/call to them), nationwide calling, 2000 texts, 1GB data, unlimited calling after 6pm and weekends... I'm with Telus and I pay about $65 a month. Also got a whole crapload of extra stuff that I shouldn't have all for $65 just because we know someone who works with Telus. Honestly, I should be paying at least $85 a month with the type of contract I have.

So its up to you. iPhone 5 isn't bad but so is the S3. As for plans, and serviceability, go with the Big 3. WIND and Fido have TERRIBLE call receptions.

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