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So here's the story. After numerous failed attempts I am getting very frustrated. Anywho this team is a bunch of hackers. My team just played them, and every stopped whistle the game would freeze, and the players would glitch etc. During the game, the other teams players wouldnt move one bit. Me and my friend were winning 2-0 when the game froze. Anyways I check the website only to find out that we get the 2-1 loss, with the other team members getting points (even though all game they just sat there....)

Anyways here's a link to their eashl team page: . Just scroll down their results, and you can see all the 3-0 "wins" where the other team gets points....

I've tried reporting them on my ps3, and laptop, but it keeps giving me error messages. Anyone that can help me would be great.


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