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Seattle re-introduced

Robin Keith Thompson



After a couple seasons of constant chatter about relocation and expansion/contraction, the real meat in this matter comes forth. Instead of debating the pros and cons about the support in a city and if it is big enough to hold onto the club long-term, the city of Seattle becomes a player.

I've long thought the Emerald City should have another team that could participate for Lord Stanley's chalice. The only real hang-up is the lack of an arena. There are plans in place tenatively for a venue called te Emerald City Center which looks extravagant.

The history is there and of course Vancouver fans would love the natural rivalry. See my complete thoughts on the matter here:


The 15th largest urban market (23rd largest city) is in a vaccuum right now with a lack of the NBA and I've seen some proposals to include both the NBA and NHL in a new building. Not only that, but Bill Daly came out yesterday at the Western Conference Final Game #5 and stated that the NHL has been in contact with someone from Seattle.

This is a good, solid turn for franchises in the NHL - and it is not even close to happening as of yet.

Robin Keith Thompson / 25 May 2011




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