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Bye Hoff.



I like Christian Ehrhoff as the next Canucks fan. Too see him leave it sucks, he was a 50 pt defense man and a hard one to replace. According to rumors he wanted a lot of money, like 5.5. But in Vancouver he is only worth 4-4.5M. He wasn't going to make more than our arguably number 1 defense man. He was reportedly offered 4.6 to match Kevin's contract, but apparently turned it down. After that his chances of staying in VAN dramatically declined. Christian Ehrhoff's rights were traded to the NYI for a 4th round pick, i was expecting a little more, but for a guy that could walk on friday, in retrospect that's not a bad deal, just for contract rights. It shall be interesting to see what Vancouver does to replace him, maybe see Ballard step up into a higher defense man position, as a 3rd or 4th D. But he is going to have to show a bit better play i mean 7 pts in 65 games is well lets be honest, that's quite terrible. But what i have seen from Ballard when he played in Florida, he can fill in that role, he is physical, loves the hipchecks and so do the fans. He can score, and post 30+ pts. So i mean Keith can do it. For now see ya Ehrhoff I hope you find a team that treats ya good, and gives ya a decent contract, it was fun while it lasted.


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