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  1. Keepers: Svechnikov Guentzel Bergeron Josi Petry Couturier Nurse Markstrom
  2. Yeah I'm with MM on that one. I probably won't be able to draft that early in the day.
  3. I'm going to publicly apologize for my lack of involvement over the last calender year and especially in the last few months. Between everything going on at my job and now arising health problems with myself and my family my focus shifted other places. I'd like to thank Master Mind, Jazz and Azzy for all the work they've done. This league means a lot to me and i appreciate the patience that everyone has had with me. I would like to continue to be involved but I'd understand if a replacement was necessary. Much love everyone.
  4. The timing was impeccable
  5. Can't really see it happening. Dadonov still holds some value while Loui is a deeply negative asset. It's been stated a few times that the price of taking on his contract is 1+ First round picks.
  6. Same. Not many players come along that have the athleticism and prowess like Scott did. His ability to control games effortlessly at such a high level was remarkable.
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