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  1. Toss me MacKinnon please. Willing to move Taylor Hall he's won the Hart trophy and Mack hasn't. Thank you very much.
  2. What's your team name this year? I can't keep up with everyone
  3. Who tf is trading MM that many top 10 players
  4. Well I guess that went about as good as it could from work
  5. Also found out I have to work tomorrow afternoon. So I'll try my best to make picks. Likely setting a queue and trusting it.
  6. I absolutely agree with MM too. I'd prefer hits, however if we did it would change who I keep for a couple players. Not sure if others would too.
  7. Keepers: Markstrom Josi Guentzel Svechnikov Bergeron Buchnevich Dobson Pavelski
  8. MM was 18M over the cap and he slashed my players tires.
  9. Huh. I thought he was wanting to sign with a contender.
  10. Imagine thinking a career .71 ppg player on a very reasonable contract a cap dump. He played on the third line with Lundell and Marchment and still had 82 points in 79 games. Please.
  11. Keepers: Svechnikov Guentzel Bergeron Josi Petry Couturier Nurse Markstrom
  12. Yeah I'm with MM on that one. I probably won't be able to draft that early in the day.
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