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Was Malhotra really that bad in 2011-12?

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Everyone is complaining that Manny was terrible and useless and someone even said to shoot him in the head and throw him in a random junk yard. Though Malhotra wasn't great he wasn't terrible either. He was tops on the team in FO percentage and only had 2 less goals than Maxim Lapierre. Not only that but in 2011-12 he was playing 3rd line and 2nd PP and 11-12 just 4th line. Throw in the fact that he was coming off a career threatening eye injury and he wasn't that bad. He took more defensive zone FO's than any other player in the league and he was top 5 in faceoff's in the regular season and top 3 in the playoffs, in fact I think Manny was one of the player's who showed up in the playoffs, I must have heard Jim Hughson talk about Malhotra's FO percentage 20 times. Even though he had one of the worst +/-'s on the team (-11) it was because Vigneault kept giving him no offensive zone draws. Also Manny had the 3rd best goal of the season according to CDC (diving goal).

Hopefully this changes any of the Manny haters opinions on him.


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People said he was lousy, but I didn't see it. Didn't have as obvious a role as in his first season, his minutes were cut back, but he still played well.

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