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Final Power Rankings: Rangers Dominate



As of April 12.

1. New York Rangers

PR Pts: 76.3 | Avg Rank: 6th

The Rangers got their game back as a Christmas gift and have been performing amazingly ever since.

2. Tampa Bay Lightning

PR Pts: 58.8 | Avg Rank: 1st

The Lightning have been the best team all year, and they look to thunder into the playoffs against the Red Wings.

3. St. Louis Blues

PR Pts: 51.6 | Avg Rank: 4th

No one's singing the Blues in St. Louis. In fact, they'll be watching them later this week.

4. Washington Capitals

PR Pts: 47.4 | Avg Rank: 12th

Ovechkin and Holtby cap off a great year for Washington.

5. Minnesota Wild

PR Pts: 43.2 | Avg Rank: 10th

The State of Hockey is in a state of frenzy after Minnesota clinched a spot in the first round.

6. Calgary Flames

PR Pts: 39.6 | Avg Rank: 13th

Lost to the Jets in the season finale, but still had a hot end to a great season.

7. Montreal Canadiens

PR Pts: 37.5 | Avg Rank: 11th

Les Habitants finished off an amazing season with a tight shootout win over arch-nemesis Toronto.

8. Vancouver Canucks

PR Pts: 37.2 | Avg Rank: 14th

In a whale of a finish against the Oilers, the comeback kids showed they still have it a couple years down the road.

9. Ottawa Senators

PR Pts: 36.0 | Avg Rank: 17th

They're having a Hull of a time down the stretch. (Oh wait, it's Gatineau now?)

10. Winnipeg Jets

PR Pts: 33.6 | Avg Rank: 18th

Landed in the playoffs with a Los Angeles loss. Should have fun against the Ducks.

11. Anaheim Ducks

PR Pts: 31.8 | Avg Rank: 7th

The Ducks waddled into the playoffs without much competition. Unfortunately for them, they'll be in a physical series against the Jets that might make them quack.

12. Chicago Blackhawks

PR Pts: 31.6 | Avg: 3rd

Lost some steam in the last ten, but still going strong against a weak Predators team.

13. Dallas Stars

PR Pts: 26.6 | Avg: 21st

The Stars' captain has won the Art Ross with a dominant finish. Now he can say, "Benn there, done that."

14. Los Angeles Kings

PR Pts: 26.5 | Avg: 15th

The reigning Cup champions have been dethroned. And apparently it's now total anarchy in the Kings' dressing room, too.

15. Nashville Predators

PR Pts: 26.0 | Avg: 2nd

The hunters are slowly becoming the hunted.

16. New York Islanders

PR Pts: 21.2 | Avg: 17th

The Islanders almost missed the playoffs, but managed to hang on and clinch a spot. No one Nassau that coming.

17. Detroit Red Wings

PR Pts: 21.2 | Avg: 8th

The Red Wings are hoping their game takes off in a potentially brutal series against the Lightning.

18. Boston Bruins

PR Pts: 19.5 | Avg: 19th

The Bruins are looking to paws for a moment and evaluate what went wrong.

19. Columbus Blue Jackets

PR Pts: 17.1 | Avg: 25th

Columbus sure came on strong down the stretch, it's just too bad that they lost so much before.

20. San Jose Sharks

PR Pts: 16.0 | Avg: 16th

There's always more fish in the sea for a Sharks franchise that's struggled all season for a playoff spot.

21. Pittsburgh Penguins

PR Pts: 15.0 | Avg: 5th

The Penguins managed to escape being seal'd out of the playoffs.

22. Colorado Avalanche

PR Pts: 12.6 | Avg: 26th

This season was a landslide of bad memories, buried under an avalanche of injuries and losses.

23. Florida Panthers

PR Pts: 6.5 | Avg: 23rd

What about Bob? If he hadn't been injured, this season might have been a different story. Now that he's back, they've won 9 of their last 10.

24. Philadelphia Flyers

PR Pts: 4.4 | Avg: 22nd

Philadelphia needs some brotherly love right now. And probably a hug.

25. Carolina Hurricanes

PR Pts: N/A | Avg: 28th

Wasn't a totally stormy finish for Carolina, as they won 4 out of their last 10.

26. Edmonton Oilers

PR Pts: N/A | Avg: 29th

Tried to be slick in their last game versus the Canucks, but couldn't clean it up.

27. Toronto Maple Leafs

PR Pts: N/A | Avg: 20th

The Leafs and their staff are just a pile of wood and sticks right now: you know someone's going to get fired.

28. Arizona Coyotes

PR Pts: N/A | Avg: 27th

The Coyotes will gladly desert this season.

29. Buffalo Sabres

PR Pts: N/A | Avg: 30th

Less Sword in the Stone and more Dunder Mifflin Sabre.

30. New Jersey Devils

PR Pts: N/A | Avg: 24th

Even the Sabres won more than one of their last 10 games of the season.


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