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New guy in town - SEP.19.08

Darcy Hordichuk


<table align="center" border="0" width="80%"><tbody><tr><td><img src="http://cdn.nhl.com/canucks/images/upload/2008/10/darcy_blog.jpg" style="border: 1px solid rgb(66, 66, 66);" align="left" border="0" hspace="4" vspace="1">Being the new guy in town is always hard but coming here was maybe one of the best moves we've had. Also, having to follow in the footsteps of some of the Canucks.com bloggers of the past, I don't think will be easy but I'll do my best. My wife, our two dogs, and I came into Vancouver at the end of August, found a place real quick and now we're pretty much settled. I mean, we've still got furniture coming in everyday but for the most part, we're pretty much situated and this is home now.

My wife loves it here so far but the move has been a little tough with the pregnancy, it's her first trimester and she hasn't had as much energy but she loves it. She's originally from Fresno, California but she's lived in Phoenix for the last 10 years so she's finally getting a chance to experience Canada.

<img src="http://cdn.nhl.com/canucks/images/upload/2008/07/070108_hordichuk14_t.jpg" align="right" hspace="4" vspace="2">We're very excited about having our first child and when people ask me if I want to find out if it's going to be a boy or girl, I just have to know. It'll be like an early Christmas present and then I'll wrap it back up but I have to know. We're coming up on that time so we'll find out in the next few weeks.

It's very exciting and I keep asking her if she feels like a mom but she's not showing too much right now. I don't feel like too many things are different but we're definitely excited and hearing the heartbeat just made it that much more real and exciting – it's a new experience for both of us so we're enjoying every minute of it.

I hear a lot of the guys here had babies last year so w can definitely lean on them for some advice and stories. But we also benefitted from a lot of the other guys last year in Nashville because a lot of guys were having babies at around playoff time. We're due in March, so we kind of planned it that way to have it all happen before playoffs.

Vancouver's incredible so far. It's just such a good experience and especially the last few weeks we've been here, it's been sunny everyday so we could get used to this. I haven't had to deal with the rain too much but I hear it something we'll deal with later on.

Obviously whenever we play, we'd fly in here but being from Saskatchewan, we didn't really come to Vancouver that much so honestly, I didn't really know a ton about the city.

<img src="http://cdn.nhl.com/canucks/images/upload/2008/09/sep1908_bc_t.jpg" align="left" hspace="4" vspace="2">It's so funny because when you're in the States, everybody's always saying how Canada's so beautiful and they're always talking about British Columbia. Now that I've got to experience it for the last two weeks, I know exactly what they're talking about.

In comparison to Nashville, the cities are definitely different, in that you get the four different seasons and it's little hillier in Nashville. The people are friendly like here and you don't get the ocean or the mountains, but I mean both cities are beautiful but I think Vancouver's got the edge (and I'm not just saying that).

The biggest difference I'd probably have to say is the country music scene. I've always loved country music growing up in Saskatchewan – there's generally a lot of country music out there and you gain quite an appreciation for it – so being in Nashville wasn't a huge transition for me as far as that was concerned. Once you land in downtown Nashville, it's all about country music and every bar or restaurant plays it and it's some of the best music you'll ever hear.

I'm very excited about the season starting and I think just getting to meet all the guys and getting together for the first time again is the best part. For me, especially getting traded, just getting used to the new lifestyle. Getting ready for my first game with these guys, it's going to be exciting. I can't wait.</td></tr></tbody></table>


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Guest Stuart McCormick


Hey Darcy my name is Stu . I was born and raised in Vancouver, but now am living in Victoria going back to college at 24. Im a 15 game ice pack holder and Im looking forward to seeing you out there this season. We need more players like you on our team-passionate! See if you can light a fire under some more of our players , anyways best of luck I feel a great year comin on!


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Hi Darcy!

Welcome to Vancouver! :D Congratulations to you and your wife! I know that it's gotta be exciting for you about becoming a dad soon! Last year, Ryan Kesler was blogging and his wife was also pregnant at the time! I believe they had a baby girl in May. Anyways, it's great to have you blogging and I really look forward to the rest of your blogs and it's great to hear that you and your wife both love it here in Vancouver! Once again, welcome and good luck in training camp and the rest of the season!

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Hey Darcy I live on the wrong side of canada so I will not get to see you live.

But when the glove's drop the camrea always go to the action so I will be seeing alot of you this year.

Best of luck.

I am a new father so I know what you are going through but when he/she is born even a tough guy like you will shed a tear.lol.

Best of luck this year and welcome to the nucks we all can not wait to see you play.

P.S you don't have to tell the fan's about the tears.

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I can't wait to see you in a Canucks uniform Darcy, the added toughness is definitely gonna help us since we didnt have much of it last year. It's nice to hear the good things about Vancouver, but dont get too used to the sun. Dont worry about following the footsteps of the Canucks bloggers, you're doing completely fine =) Cant wait until hockey starts!

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Hey Darcy!

I really can't wait to see you in a Canucks uniform. Good luck on the season and hopefully this team can make some noise. Also glad you like it here so far. It is a great place even with the rain. And congrats to you and your wife! Can't wait for Canucks hockey to be back.

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Hey Darcy!

Welcome to the Canucks, Can't wait to see you in a canucks uni and your first fight as a Canuck!

Congrats to you and your wife, pretty exciting :)

Glad you like Vancouver.

Goodluck this Season!

Thanks for the blog, it was fun to read.



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Hey Darcy!!

Welcome to the Canucks! Glad to hear your enjoying Vancouver!

Congrats to you and your wife

Goodluck this season and can't wait to see you fight

Good job with your first blog


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Guest Dave Robinson


Hey Darcy: Congrats on starting a new family. I live in Sask and am the biggest Canucks fan in this province I am sure. I was at your golf tourney in Kamsack in July and will be there again next year. Comin to see you live on Trevor Linden night in December. Best of luck to the new season. Can't wait to see you knocking guys around Darcy>

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Guest Dale Brisco



Glad to see you in a Canucks uniform. You and your wife will love Vancouver. I now live in Fresno,Ca. I've taken my fiancee on several vacations to visit my folks in Coquitlam and she thinks Vancouver is the most beautiful city she has ever seen. She wants to move from Fresno to B.C. Good luck and can't wait see you crashing the net popping in some big goals for us.

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Great blog Darcy !!! Looking forward to see your strenght and energy on our side.... very exciting !! and also, Just make sure to visit Vancouver Island and the Gulf Island..... Then you'll really see what they meant about British columbia being so GREAT !!!! and more !!! Marty

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Hello Darcy,

Welcome to the West Coast and to the Canuck's Nation. Congratulations on being new parents soon. I'm familiar to the Kamsack area as I have family relatives in Canora, Verigin, Kamsack and Pelly. You'll enjoy Vancouver because it's the most beautiful city in Canada. The Canucks fans are very passionate about their team and we know that you'll add a lot of toughness to the lineup. We're all hoping that you guys can bring Lord Stanley's Cup here soon. All the best this season. God's Bless to you all.

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Hello Darcy,

Welcome to the West Coast and to the Canuck's Nation. Congratulations on being new parents soon. I'm familiar to the Kamsack area as I have family relatives in Canora, Verigin, Kamsack and Pelly. You'll enjoy Vancouver because it's the most beautiful city in Canada. The Canucks fans are very passionate about their team and we know that you'll add a lot of toughness to the lineup. We're all hoping that you guys can bring Lord Stanley's Cup here soon. All the best this season. God's Blessing to you all.

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Welcome to Vancouver Darcy, Congrats to you and your wife. I was so excited to hear that you were coming to Vancouver and even more so once I had seen how genuinely excited you are to be here. It's been a long time since the Nucks had a true enforcer. Good luck on the season, can't wait to see you mop the ice with Phaneuf's jersey ;)

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Guest Guest_Jeff_*


Hey Darcy, it's sweet you ended up on my favorite team. I went to school with you in Kamsack, played some Flyers hockey with you as well. Have a good season, and congrats on the new family member.

Jeff S.

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Guest Rob from Red Deer


Hey Darcy,

It's kind of funny, because it's not like you're a big provider on the score sheet, but like other Canuck fans, you have surfaced as one of the most anticipated guys to watch this year as a new arrival. When the news broke that you were moved to Vancouver, I did some research and quickly learned that your character would help shape the new club in a big way. And then of course came your interviews. That clinched it.

Enjoy Vancouver. I miss hanging out there.

Now go show them Wild players who's boss!


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Hello Darcy,

Congradulations on the baby ! Being a Dad is such a changing role in life, you will truly need all your wits about you in that role. And you thought hockey was a tough thing ! LOL

Well what can I say that hasn't been said already. Sorry I never truly followed your career till now. I had to do some research on your career to see what kind of guy on the ice you were. All I can say is Welcome to Vancouver ! Your presence on the ice has been desperately needed since the Big Donald got traded. I'm glad you are here in Vancouver and looking forward to watching your contributions to the team. I've been a fan of this team since day one of the franchise and I can honestly say that I haven't been this excited over the preseason in a very long time. Here's wishing you all the success you deserve and then some ! Glad to have you here in the Nucks uni !

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Guest andrew Lyons


You seem well-versed and well respected. I look forward to your dishing-out of respect, especially to Maple Leaf players. Welcome to the "Wet Coast". It is of course the finest place on earth. cheers....

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Guest Guest_Jay_*


Hey Darcy...

I was really glad when you were traded here. Now when Luongo is getting bumped and pushed around, I'm hoping you can put a stop to it...

Good luck and welcome to Canucks Nation

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