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What I Like About Team Canada



Ok, so here's a thought, what if Team Canada's men's hockey team doesn't win on Tuesday against Germany? What then? Does that change Canada's already beaten morale on hockey in this country after the US beat us in the juniors? And by change, I mean, does it officially say that Canada is no longer the hockey power of the world?

We live in a nation where this is who we are. Where kids are born with hockey skates on their feet. Where we try and figure out which junior team they can play on when they can't even tie there own shoes yet. I will admit, being a father puts me in this very position. It's our Saturday nights watching HNIC, and our Pay Per View costs when we said we weren’t going to buy it.

So what happens if we don't win? If we place out of the medals. At least we could say, "Well at least we won a medal" "It's a one game series; it could have went either way." But now, we are faced with the reality that we may not be able to defend our own turf. Where Hockey IS War in Canada. We stand behind our team thinking about trades and free agent signings at work, and hope our first date likes hockey, although, its not usually something that stops us from seeking out an extended night out.

So what am I saying here? Well, I am saying that perhaps I’m an over-reacting, over-excited Canadian male. It also says to me that perhaps a piece of our Canadian ego's could be chipped just a little bit if we lose. Don't you want to know what if feels like to win a gold medal in hockey in Canada? don't you want to see it just for a minute, and feel that pride of being the best hockey nation on earth that will live on for our generation. How long has Bobby Orr's winning goal been etched into Canadian hockey lore?

Wouldn't it be nice to drink a beer on your boat in the summer and sit back and say, "remember that gold medal game?!"

Good Luck Canada, one more proud lover of two Canuck teams.


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