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Canucks Light Up Kings



Our best players have to be our best players. There's nothing better than starting a blog with an overused cliche. However, truer words were never spoken. In an act of desperation Vigneault put Samuelsson back with the Sedin twins in the third period of game 4 and that third period is the turning point in this series thus far. This line has been on fire and Samuelsson is picking corners like he's hitting targets at a skills competition. The Kings simply have no answer for him. 7 goals in 5 games to start these playoffs. That shows you how good the Swedish Olympic team was that he wasn't even good enough to make that team. How did they do again?

Besides the top line, the Bernier, Wellwood, Demitra line had a great game. Good to see Bernier put a couple into open nets. Normally he misses. Hey, the net's only 6 feet across, give him a break.

It's important to not get too excited though. (Well, us fans can get excited as long as the team knows that clinching game will likely be the most difficult to win.) They now have to go back into Staples Centre where they have struggled this year. (Which road building haven't they struggled in?)

The Canucks penalty killing was much better tonight, allowing only one goal that was once again a lucky bounce. Combine that with the fact that Luongo is now outplaying Quick and you have to think that if those trends continue, there is no way the Kings can win this series. Although stranger things have happened.

Speaking of strange things happening, can you believe that Andrew Alberts didn't take a penalty tonight? Sorry, I should have told you to sit down first. He actually played a reasonably solid game which is great news. If this team does go on a run, he is likely going to be a part of it. Thanks for nothing Mathieu Schneider.

Game 6 is Sunday and the Canucks need to keep their foot on the gas pedal. This Kings team appears to be fragile right now and their confidence is shaken. They are a young inexperienced team. This is not the time to let up. Top teams finish off their opponents in these circumstances. It's time for these Canucks to prove they are a top team. It's time to show Gary Bettman that he's going to have to try a lot harder to knock these Canucks out of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.


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