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  1. Well deserved. But I'm just wondering where this was for Forbort on Hoglander.
  2. Why on Earth would Florida sign Ross to a 5 year deal, then after putting up 77 points (a career high) in his first year with the team, trade him to the Senators?
  3. Tell me Green is a good coach. Never takes a timeout when he should. Never adjusts after any period. Continuously makes horrendous line deployments. Never shortens the bench. This whole bench staff is riding the coattails of what the talent on the ice can do. Look at them walking off the ice to the room. Where’s the fire, the anger? They don’t care, they knew it was inevitable and it will continue to be. The room is GONE.
  4. I'm with the Lizardman. We gotta roll with Demko for the forseeable future.