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  1. See this @LionofJudah? This is what we call, disrespect.
  2. I'd recommend reading up on the Mafia rules and gameplay, if you wished to join.
  3. If you wish to play, you should read up on the Mafia rules first. I believe we have an excellent guide right here on CDC actually.
  4. Playing a game. A game all about deception. You're welcome to join, we're always looking for new players.
  5. 49 career NHL games before a slow decline and eventual banishment to the DEL.
  6. Who is LionofJudah? Unless he's nust browsing, in which case, hello.
  7. Honestly wouldn't be surprised if SS or Baer were the SK.
  8. Also, do you think I forgot sussing AV out? I wouldn't make this vote unless I was certain things had changed.
  9. Yes, and now it appears you're following suit. I was wrong to call AV out, I assumed BK was mafia. It's clear now that isn't the case.
  10. I like how it's sus of me to agree with AV, now when we can't afford to make any mistakes. NIK has essentially thrown in the towel. I don't know why.
  11. You've been pretty close to right on everything thus far. Vote NIK.
  12. Half-expecting Z to show up with an epic spiel about how we're all wrong and that the real Mafia has been under our noses this whole time.
  13. I mean, The Process all but collapsed, but I see your point.
  14. Bold claim, Cotton. Let's see this plays out.