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  1. Thankfully I am at the hotel and w Pender isn't that hardcore a street ..

    Stupidly I left every canucks hat I own on the hat rack when I left so I guess i am buying a new one to commemorate the occasion ..feels like a "millionaires" hat day...but we will see at the team store what jumps out at me 

    Wish you all were here although I am hoarse right now and probably can't talk to the guys who made it ..have a good one everyone - OMG checked starting goalies just now and Joonas Korpisalo gets the nod !!!! I am a happy camper 


  2. standingsWestern.png

    small.png San Jose Sharks 357
    small.png Edmonton Oilers 333
    small.png Arizona Coyotes 325
    small.png Calgary Flames 315
    small.png Los Angeles Kings 305
    small.png Vancouver Canucks 286
    small.png Anaheim Ducks 276

    small.png Columbus Blue Jackets 370
    small.png Minnesota Wild 318
    small.png Winnipeg Jets 307
    small.png Dallas Stars 306
    small.png Nashville Predators 297
    small.png Colorado Avalanche 285
    small.png St Louis Blues 263
    small.png Chicago Blackhawks 245


    small.png New York Islanders 366
    small.png New Jersey Devils 357
    small.png Pittsburgh Penguins 350
    small.png Washington Capitals 288
    small.png New York Rangers 264
    small.png Philadelphia Flyers 255
    small.png Carolina Hurricanes 198

    small.png Tampa Bay Lightning 489
    small.png Boston Bruins 417
    small.png Montreal Canadiens 410
    small.png Buffalo Sabres 356
    small.png Ottawa Senators 353
    small.png Florida Panthers 348
    small.png Detroit Redwings 230
    small.png Toronto Maple Leafs 226

  3. MSG NEWS 2013:

    Yearend Edition:

    Highly respected Dman Luca Sbisa has been informed that he is on the move, even while he is on the mend. New York has partially confirmed rumours that the smart young blueliner has been traded for a big boost to the top six forward group. Several players have yet to be informed of the trade call, and the league has not formally noted the trade at this time, so few details are available. Rangers GM Optimist Prime only said "We consider this our 'blockbuster' for the year, we may deal and tweak a bit as we move through towards the trade deadline, but this is a player coming over that we wanted from the onset, and our chance to pick him up came up rather suddenly, and sometimes you have to take those opportunities."

  4. This Sounds really weird

    It is very weird, I have tried asking mods to fix it over the years, stealthnuk himself was made aware last time...no resolution, i guess cuz i got the original account active again but lost the 2007 account...now this and i am back to 2007...sigh. Adrian was another guy aware of it,,,maybe that is stealths real name?? dunno.
  5. GAME ON!

    I trust everyone is having very happy holidays, and enjoying the WJC tournament, but our game is back in action tonight, with a wide range of players on the ice.

    I want everyone that I may have been in conversation with last week via PM to know that my wicked stupid 'thing' happened again.

    In 2007 I bought a new computer and promptly completely forgot my password to login to my account here, and the email it is attached to has long since gone..so i can't reset the password. So I made this account to get back in. Well, several years later I got a new machine and wouldn't you know it, the old original account showed up as my login and a random try at the pw worked.

    Well, now yet again I got a new machine and wouldn't you know it, completely lost that account again and don't know the password, haven't used it in years..its all auto...but on the old rig.

    SO, I am back to the 2007 me and not the original me from a decade ago.

    Curt, I have asked over the years for mods help on this and never gotten a reply, just so you know it isn't intended as a violation of the TOS, I just would like my original account back, and can't log in and don't have access to its email address. Sucks to be me.

    Therefore, if everyone I was talking to over the past weeks could PM me at this account until and unless I get the old one logged in again. I think this would need MOD intervention to give me a new email address attached to it so i can reset the PW..but I digress....THanks for your patience guys.

  6. With me in my Millionaires Sweater and Ma in her Canucks Cap, we all settled down for a long WJC nap.

    Good luck to Team Finland, aside from our Canadian boys, Finland is the team for me!

    Rangers Prospect Mikko Vainonen will be there on the blueline. In the 12-13 year with the Frontenacs of the OHL, Mikko played 55 games and posted 22 points. At .760ppg from the blueline that year but minus11 in the +- young Mikko has grown as a player in North America and turned his negative plusminus into PLUS14 this year, although fewer points this year as he turns his attn to more defensive zone awareness. 2 goals and an assist in 4 playoff games in North America. One to Watch.

    Likewise, fellow prospect Zach Stepan will be on the ice at the WJC for team USA. Zach had 32 goals and 46 assists in 56 games last year in the USHL before joining NCAA's Minnesota State University where he has 4g and 4a in 14 games so far this year. Down the line Zach will be a force to reckon with in the CDCGML.

    test test
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