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  1. Bang a rock? That line is pure crock

    Kid get a lesson from Tib

    About how to drop disses ad lib

    Kid I came up in the roughest hood

    Back where I came from we barely had money food

    So if you wanna bring your weak sh!t to me

    Get in line, grab a ticket and pay your fee


  2. Whats up with the double team.. Which ones recieving?

    You like them big boys Red? Is that why you ain't leavin?

    Another porno.. lights camera action

    Both of you in position like 70 minus 1

    Flow so sick they callin it Tib syndrome

    Come on and get infected.. locked and loaded aimed at your dome

    That made absolutely no sense

    Just reading that makes me wanna stop and leave this thread and never come back until there's a new page.

  3. Alright that's enough, kid go to bed

    You're starting to sound like a line from K'fed

    That's all I got :(

    Sounds like you know a lot about K'fed's lines

    You listen to him? You probably think he's 1 of a kind

    You have no taste, you blow cawk

    Go get lost and bang a rock


  4. I'm goin to mcdonalds anyways, gotta pick up my b!tch

    Where's your girl at? Oh right, you got ditched

    I'm just a small Little brown dude? Okay there Mr. 230 pounds of muscle

    Walkin up a couple steps has grandpa yellin.. come on fat boy lets see some hustle

    Go back to playin with your dolls.. and making videos on youtube

    Next time make a porno.. show yourself playing with your boobs

    I'm just warmin up.. heatin up to a boil

    Get outta the way.. cause I know how to handle my recoil

    Have fun going out with your 15 year old girl

    You're 19, bro that's ice cold

    Some would say illegal, some would say rape

    Bang her, dump her and she'll set a court date

    She works and McD's, you work at Zellers, great working couple

    Sad that you don't know that she's supple

  5. About to be a ghost, like butter to toast

    I'm spreadin you out with just one post

    Haha dam.. thats gonna cover a lotta ground

    Where'd arctic monkeys go? He can't be found

    All I see is a lump over the lower mainland

    With b!tches mournin from their home in thailand

    What the hell is that? That hurts my eyessssss

    Go to McDonalds boy and get some friessssssss

    I was the one rappin' about butter

    Which reminds me, did I tell you about the time I fuked your mother?

    All you are is a small little brown dude

    Why don't you go back and listen to your rap tunes

    You ain't got nothin' on me, I dust off ma shouldas

    I have thousands of raps in thousands of ma foldas'

  6. Rat Race is freaking hilarious. Great cast.

    I watched it in the theaters. I was so embarrassed how much I was laughing. Especially the part when Seth Green and his brother are at the airport with their jeep :lol:

  7. El oh el.. 4am and your gonna watch Ratatouille?

    While I'm in bed makin your girl fat and gooey

    Oh em gee, 4 am and you're rantin how no one replied to your post?

    Sh1t dawg, go outside, get a life, then comeback for a toast.

  8. I saw Rataouille 4 times lol

    It was alright. Never seen Rat Race so watch that instead and then tell me about it :)

    I've seen Rat Race like...over 10 times. One of those movies that never gets boring.

    About these group of people, like Mr.Bean, Seth Green and Whoopie Goldberg, that are in a race for a Million bucks.

  9. No it doesn't. That was one of the most boring movies I've ever seen. Over the Hedge is better, for crying out loud! :P

    No wayyyyyyyyy

    Maybe cause I like cooking, I can relate, or something...I don't know.

    I'm deciding between Ratatouille and Rat Race

  10. woah, thats really different.

    kinda sinister.

    They said their new CD is going to be a bit heavier and darker. They said Black Sabbath influenced their new CD. It's going to be interesting. They have rehearsal videos up on youtube. Couple of their songs are still jumpy like previous albums though.

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