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  1. it's because i know too many eagle fans !

    NO ! OU forever :)

  2. You don't have favorites you just don't like the Eagles? lol.

    Favorites. Colors. They don't have a 'U' in them I don't care what Canada says! lol.

    I don't know much about Steve Nash's personality. I haven't followed basketball since the 76ers made it to the finals when in like 2000. I bandwagon with them lol.

  3. Actually right in the middle of Philly and Pittsburgh. I'll be two hours away from either city. haha And I will forever be a Wings fan. FOREVERRR. I will never convert to either PA team. :P

  4. =O Small world. I am moving in like 2 days. Only like 10 minutes away though.

    Pittsburgh area I assume? Penguin fans will love you lol. If you can tolerate hearing about Crosby even more then he is shoved down everyones throats normally it is a very fun hockey city. Or you could just convert... lol

  5. I told you already ! I dont really have favourites :) Just flip on a game and watch. Although I've been watching less football ! I think I only caught 1 1/2 games last season aside from the superbowl !

    I dont care about his looks ! Just his skill and personality :)

  6. I am sure I will be to Vegas eventually (I travel a lot now) but nope I haven't been. I haven't been West Coast at all. Always been up and down the East.

    What NFL team do you like? The only reason I really like football now is because it is so big in America. All of my friends like it and hate hockey except for 1 lol. Being an Eagle fan will give you and ulcer.

    Nash is silly looking lol.

  7. I'm moving to PA in less than 2 weeks. I can't believe I'll be THATCLOSE to Sidney Crosby. :P Ew.

  8. Never been to vegas ? :o

    Yes, those eagles. Too much hype :)

    No he isnt !

  9. Not the banners, but someone in a similar power as me trying to get me out my position.

  10. Dude this is the ways of life. If I told you the reason (which is not what you think it is) would be ever more laughable. I haven't seen such antics from someone else on an internet forum ever on my life. I'll put it at that.

  11. Sorry about what happened. I used to be a mod on the Flyers boards but got banned for associating with certain banned members in person. Hence why I fled here. Sucks though I thought you were a good mod.

  12. You confused me for a second lol. I was like why Washington of course? To me that Washington doesn't exist. The real Washington is Washington DC.

    I haven't been to any of those places you listed. Though I am supposed to go to Buffalo soon actually. And I may go to Cali on a business trip in the near future.

    The NFL Eagles? I am actually getting sick of them lol.

    Nash is a hoser =]

  13. Hm, havent been to that many ! Washington (of course), California (tons of times), Nevada (Vegaaaas !). Supposed to head down to Buffalo this summer but I'm gonna stay home instead :)

    Ugh, Eagles. 2 words. Over. Rated. :)

    No ! Nash is so not a loser !

  14. Nerd. Which states do you go to?

    You are more of a sports freak then me. I only follow the NHL now. I used to follow the MLB and NFL too. But now I just watch the Eagles games and baseball only if nothing else is on. ESPN depresses me now believe it or not.

    And Steve Nash is a loser ;)

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