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  1. I'm having an issue (on iPhone) that evrey time I open a topic it takes me to the first page even if I'm past the page or even posted on a later page. Frustrating to find your way to where you left off evrey time, is this a setting issue?
  2. ? Really?? Sometimes when you fall you don't choose where or how you fall. It looked like he wasn't aware that the goalie was out so far and he lost his balance when he made contact.
  3. I'm sure he's around under a new name.
  4. Your 100% nuts, how can you love Kass who does squat and hate burrows.... Are you watching the same games?
  5. Myself I think your off and I'd say no, were in a rebuild despite how well we've played this year and he's not hurting us with his cap space because we will and should be adding younger players over the next few years. His work ethic is going to be of great value as an influence to our young players. Keeping him is the best option for the team batman.
  6. The whole team has been in a bit hole they need to crawl out of. If you feel bur is the problem we will have to start calling you batman. His cap hit is too high... Thanks MG, but he's the hart and soul of the team and more then not drives the line. I acutely think nino is in a bit of a funk and throwing the line off more then burr.
  7. I'd be interested to see how that works but vrbata signed because he wanted to be with the twins and he's played well with them, I just don't see it as a possibility unless the line gets cold for an extended time.
  8. He always has been And that's a hell of a lot more then one game
  9. I don't get this response virtanen has as much skill as anyone in the draft. He's not a big goon he has a top ratted skill set? Isn't he ratted in the top 5 for skating stick handling and shooting? This is a skill player that is also big.
  10. Wonder what the offer was? He hasn't shown anything to start requesting more money yet. He should take a one or two year offer and run with it, he can take that time to improve his game THEN ask for more money.
  11. I am soooo glad we didn't pick Richie, jake has way more upside and Richie is going to be a huge risk and project. We need goal scoring jake is the best pick for us. There is also way to much being made of jakes lack of hockey IQ, he a get the puck go hard to the net and score type player (booth with an incredible shot and more of a willingness to take and give hits). Booth is a first line winger if he had jakes stick handling and shot and booth has little hockey IQ. You just need to play him with a great passing center and the combo will work well.
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