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  1. whats the point they're not going to play him.
  2. Virtanen is not going to be an elite player he will be a physical 45-60 point player with blazing speed. That is a very valuable player.
  3. Lmao that is bullcrap. Sang?
  4. Nope. Just because I like a rapper named Pimp C doesn't mean I support the solicitation of prostitutes. This seems really hard for you.
  5. Lmao I've explain this to way too many people here already. Pimp C is a deceased rapper. My username is an ode to him, I'm not trying to call my self a pimp.
  6. My bad. Here you go: Awful, just like sexists.
  7. Lmfao I was being sarcastic.
  8. Awful, just like people that pretend to be insiders on twitter.
  9. They should've waited another 5 games to play him. I mean you can't just scratch John Negrin.
  10. Lmfao this is still -1200 even though they took out minusing like 3 years ago
  11. Is this a joke? Horvat is a guy that had nothing to learn in the CHL. Virtanen definitely is not. He needs to improve his consistency and defensive play.
  12. I don't see how he isn't back in the WHL next year. Hopefully Calgary can give him a lot of ice time or they trade him FFS.
  13. Also, it was hilarious seeing Schroeder outmuscle Vey leading to a goal last time we played the Wild. Perfect irony.
  14. Schroeder and Vey are pretty close to equal. If Schroeder got as much ice time as Vey, played on the top pp unit, and was as sheltered as Vey he would have more points than Vey.
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