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  1. “People of the world… For the 2021 Playoffs… Here are Your…. San Jooooosssay Sharrrrrrrkkkkssss” Paul Stastny Jordan Greenway Ryan McLeod Mackenzie Weegar Jack Studnicka Roland McKeowen Corey Schneider Jakob Skarek “Is that it? That’s everyone? Oh… okay… at least this will be over quickly…”
  2. I was told that anything agreed to after the trade deadline, doesn’t start until 2021-22
  3. Recall: The Sharks recall F Ryan McLeod to play with his big brother in the big leagues
  4. In hindsight, we probably should have signed Spencer prior to the deadline so that he could have led the Sharks onto the ice for the playoffs, but alas… We still figured his value was only going to go up from here, so it was time to make sure he was locked down for next year. Thrilled to have him on the Sharks
  5. In accordance with the CBA, 7 days of out of position play has elapsed. Waivers: The San Jose Sharks place D Greg Pateryn on waivers with the intent of assigning him to the minors
  6. At what point should we inquire with our players about waiving clauses for the purpose of exposing them to the expansion draft?
  7. Recall: The San Jose Sharks recall D Greg Pateryn and ask him to play out of position on an emergency basis
  8. Recall: The San Jose Sharks recall D Jonas Siegenthaler
  9. Based on the conditions of the pick in our trade... Im a huge CBJ fan!
  10. Same player traded 3 times during the same trade deadline period? That’s gotta be some sort of record!
  11. As GM Rush can speak to, I was very hesitant to let Jesperi go... but he made an offer that was hard to resist. Two outstanding young prospects join our core, as well as a proven talent in Silfverberg. We are excited to see what the future holds in San Jose.
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