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Okay we agree that we need to up grade our D and our top 6, looking at all our assets we have in our system we can bring in a couple of young prospects to fill holes

Top, Young Guns.

Hodgson 3rd line center to start needs to develop with out the top 6 pressure

Grabner 3rd line right wing to start same as above.

Schneider top goalie but can he stop the puck in the NHL on a constant bases.

We need to draft or trade to up grade our D

The key is Luongo if extends great if not trade him but make him commit by July 1 if he wants to stay and make a serious cup run he will let his intentions be known.

From our playoff run it became painfully clear to everyone that our defence was slow and inadequate. And we lacked a finisher up front.

From what Gillis says he won't do is that ask to trade someone with a no trade clause we are strapped with the following.

Luongo, Mittchel, Salo cap hit around 14 million. Depending on if they sign the Sedins or not will change our total make up of our team. Reportedly the twins want 40 mil. over 6 years. That's a 6.6 mil cap hit per I don't think they are that greedy 5.5 to 6 mil would be in their range.


Demitra (4)-Kesler(1.75) Bernier(2)


Horti(.75)- Johnson(1.1)- Rypion(.55)


Mitchell(3.5)- Bieksa(3.75)

Salo (3.5) - Edler (3.25)

D-man(1.5)- D-man(1)


Luongo (6.75)- Labarbera (.8)

About 53 mil cap hit

So this is our team, free agents needed would be two D men and a top 6 sniper. With about 3 mil in cap. How do we do this with out asking to trade our players with no trade contracts. Schneider would be tradable and could get us a 3rd pairing d man who could be top 4 ready by next year, maybe? But it all depends on Luongo we need to tip his hand and see if he will resign before dealing Schneider. We need to get mobile on the back end not much in free agency below a 1 million cap hit. Ty Wishart young mobile defenceman could be had for maybe White or Hanson or both and we could sign Alexander Grouix for nothing just dollars. This would give us two good players Grouix 70 plus gaols in the AHL would give us at least 25 to 30 here. Demitra, trade for picks free up some needed cap space if Gaborik wont come here., Luongo signs long term than trade Schnieder for a good D man like Parent out of Phily, if Luongo won't commit than trade him for vanR and Parent plus picks.


Grouix(2.5)-Kesler(1.75) Grabner(.8)


Horti(.75)- Johnson(1.1)- Rypion(.55)


Mitchell(3.5)- Bieksa(3.75)

Salo (3.5) - Edler (3.25)

Wishart(.8)- Parent(.8)

McIver(.55) Cory Murphy (1.2)

Luongo (6.75)- Labarbera (.8) Cap hit around 51.2 mil

And if Luongo won't commit trade him no matter what! I would rather not make the playoffs then loose him to free agency for nothing.

One more trade Sheppard out of Minni for Raymond and Johnson and 2nd, Sheppard can be moved as needed top 6 if Girouix doesn't pan out.

Sedin(6.5)-Sedin(6.5)-Burrows(2) (Same as last year)

Grouix(2.5)-Kesler(1.75) Sheppard(.1.4)(fast, tough and can score)

vanRinsdyk(1.2)-Hodgson(1.2)-Grabner(.8)( extremely talented and can score)

Horti(..75)- Rypion(.55)- Bernier(2) (energy Bernier can be inserted anyplace in the top 9 wing spots if needed)

Bliznak (.6)

Mitchell(3.5)- Bieksa(3.75)

Salo (3.5) - Edler (3.25)

Wishart(.8)- Parent(.8)


Schnieder (1.2)- Labarbera (.8) Cap hit around 45. mil

Tons of room to upgrade the d even more, Sign Bouwmeester for 7 mil a year, 6 years or Niedermayer short term

Bouwmeester(7) - Edler (3.25) (or insert Niedermayer for Bouwmeester)

Mitchell(3.5)- Bieksa(3.75

Salo (3.5)- Parent(.8)

Wishart(.8) McIver(.55)

Still have cap space 52 Mil with Mitchell done next year and Salo on his last year our d is upgraded. Plus we are younger and faster, also we are set for future signings, also more cap room when Mitchell and Salo leave.

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