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Desirable FA List

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Nieds- 1yr/ 6.5 (Bieksa traded)

Montador 2yr/ 2

Aucoin 2yr/ 3

Seidenberg 2yr/ 2

Cole 1yr/2.5

Pahlsson 1yr/ 1

York 1yr/ 2

Gauthier 2yr/ 1.5

Gaborik 1yr/ 5.5 (trade Demitra NOT GONNA HAPPEN I KNOW)

Nichol 2yr/ .85

Zanon 2yr/ 2.2

Neil 2/ 2.25

Nittymaki 1yr/ 1

Fedotenko 2yr/ 2.5

Grier 2yr/ 1.8

Hollweg 1yr/ .5

Valabik 3yr/ 1.5

Wisniewski 3yr/1.5

Babchuk 3 yr/ 1

Tuomo Rutuu 3yr/ 2.5

Barker 3yr/ 2.5

Hudler 3yr/ 1.8

Leino 3yr/ .85

Zajac 3yr/ 3.5

Dawes 3yr/ .75

Upshall 3yr/ 2.75

Fehr 3yr/ 2

Shaone Morrrison 3yr/ 2

Shultz 3yr/ 2

Some guys I could see/ would liek to see in the canucks lineup

I know a lot of these guys dont quite fit into the mix, but I think lot of them are upgrades ont hrid line material and some of them address top 6

highlighted are the oens I think actually fit

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