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First things first, my photoshop decides to crash anytime I try to import a video or gif file. So I had to use gif splitter to convert it to 47 individual frames, resize them, place them and then animate them. Took longer then I thought it would.

As you may notice in comparison to my previous attempts that this isn't as basic as they usually are. Actually tried to toss some effects in there that 'match' as most of you would say.

Also, there is no text involved. Why you may ask? I can't seem to get any fonts that I downloaded to work on photoshop. They'll work in every other program except photoshop. I didn't want to use a windows stock font so this is where you come in. I'll be providing a link below for the .psd file for any of you to add the text. Doesn't need my name in it, I'm not greedy. Also, I encourage any of you to take the psd file and edit it in any way you want. I'm interested to see what some of the pro's could do with it.

I'd also like to point out that it is running at 900kb due to it's 47 frames, so it's not really a great idea for me to use it as is. If someone knows how to condense it, giver.

Comments and critique are much appreciated.


Annnnnd the link to the .psd file,clicky clicky

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