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So I was looking into the NHL standings this morning, and I decided to look at each division individually.


Points Among All Teams: 307

Total Goals For: 762

Total Goals Against: 748

+/-: +14

Division Leader: New Jersey (72)

Celler Dweller: NY Islanders (54)

Number of Points Between First and Last: 18

Verdict - In my opinion this is one of the harder divisions to judge. They have a lot of offensive talent in the likes of Crosby, Malkin and Gaborik, and a lot of defensive talent on teams like New Jersey. One of three divisions that scores more goals than it allows, and with the smallest discrepensy between first and last. I would say that this is one of the more competitive divisions, but not necessarily the best.


Points Among All Teams: 293

Total Goals For: 728

Total Goals Against: 769

+/-: -41

Division Leader: Buffalo (71)

Celler Dweller: Toronto (45)

Number of Points Between First and Last: 26

Verdict - This is one of the weaker divisions in my opinion. It has the worst +/- of all the divisions, and one of the worst teams in the league (Toronto). They really don't have a lot of offensive firepower, save for a few players on Ottawa and Montreal.


Points Among All Teams: 289

Total Goals For: 804

Total Goals Against: 814

+/-: -10

Division Leader: Washington (78)

Celler Dweller: Carolina (45)

Number of Points Between First and Last: 33

Verdict - The only reason that the stats look "normal" is because Washington is there to balance everything out. There is no competition in this division. Washington is by far the best team, and that looks like it will remain the same for awhile. Now the argument can be made that Washington feasts upon the teams in this division. I think that is a valid statement. We need to look at the bigger picture to really gauge whether this division can be competitive. It would be interesting to see the other 4 teams' records against opponents in other divisions.


Points Among All Teams: 313

Total Goals For: 765

Total Goals Against: 769

+/-: -4

Division Leader: Chicago (78)

Celler Dweller: Columbus (53)

Number of Points Between First and Last: 25

Verdict - A very strong division with Chicago leading the pack. I think that had Detroit not been bitten by the injury bug, this division would remain very competitive. Although Chicago, Nashville and Detriot lead the way, St. Louis and Columbus have had tough years. On paper there really shouldn't be a weak team in this division. I think that all 5 teams had the ability to be playoff teams based on last year's performance.


Points Among All Teams: 294

Total Goals For: 766

Total Goals Against: 761

+/-: +5

Division Leader: Vancouver (70)

Celler Dweller: Edmonton (38)

Number of Points Between First and Last: 32

Verdict - Traditionally one of the most competitive divisions in the league, we have seen a dip in the performance of Edmonton and Minnesota. This really opens the door for a three horse race for the title. Travel plays a huge role in this division's ability to perform with the likes of a San Jose or Chicago. I think that Vancouver is one of the stronger teams in the league. Another division with a plus in the +/- category, it shows that this is a division that prides itself on defense first. With a strong performance from the Avalanche, this divsion is going to prove to be very competitive down the stretch. It is a shame that some of these stats are thrown off by the terrible performance of the Oilers this year, but it happens.


Points Among All Teams: 333

Total Goals For: 807

Total Goals Against: 771

+/-: 36

Division Leader: San Jose (81)

Celler Dweller: Anaheim (57)

Number of Points Between First and Last: 24

Verdict - In my opinion, this is the strongest division in hockey. You have offense, defense and goaltending. This division scores a lot of goals, and doesn't let many get past them. I don't think that there is any weak link in this division although Anaheim falls in the last spot. There is star power on every team, and it is a great division to watch. With a young team like Los Angeles, or a veteran team like San Jose, you can always find entertainment while watching this division. They are always tough games for opponents around the league.

So now I leave it up to you. Which division is the strongest, and which is the weakest? As said above, I think that the Pacific is the strongest, and the Southeast is the weakest. I think that we are in for a real horse race in some of these divisions, and I think that it will be really entertaining to watch. I hope that you enjoyed my first thread on CDC, I've been reading stuff on here for years, and now finally I'm a part of the community. Hope you enjoyed!

Thanks! smile.gif

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