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Hockey on ESPN 360/player

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Has anyone used this service before?

First off, link to the site for those that dont know what it is...


Basically, I watch games on ESPN america, but they only really show teams home team games on a decent regular basis, they seem "set up camp" at a stadium before a home game run, then show them all. I got to see every one of the canucks games in the run before the road trip, but havent seen a single road trip game.

So im considering this for next season, a season pass. but 90 quid on top of my cable tv subscriptions a fair bit to shell out, sim im curios about the quality. During the olympics, I watched a game online when it wasnt shown on tv, and it was really hard to follow the puck, but due to this been a payed for service im assuming it should be better quality.

I know I could pay for one month and kind of test it, but before I do I thought it was worth asking if anyone has used it and can advise me! I'd be really grateful for any opinons, cheers!

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