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Week 2 Pigskin Picks


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>BAL< @ CIN Baltimore's offence looks weak (what's up Rice?) but their D wins games for them. Cinci had a really slow start last week vs NE, they gotta fix that if they want to win this week.

CHI @>DAL< Wake up Dallas the season started, if the Cowboys didn't make a couple stupid mental errors they'd be 1-0. Chicago looked really good in week 1, especially Forte (dammit where was he last season when I had him in fantasy football)

>PHI<@DET Everyone is going to be jumping on the Vick bandwagon, Detroit looked good last week vs Chi, I knew I shoulda picked up Best.

ARI @ >ATL< Roddy White is a beast, Arizona looked lost on O.

>KC< @ CLE KC has a running game now, and special teams were the difference last week vs SD

BUF @ >GB< by 2 tds or more Buffalo looks terrible, get rid of Edwards already

PIT @ >TEN< Clash of the running games One of the best matchup of the week, can't wait!

TB @ >CAR< Carolina's run game was less than spectacular last week but I'm guessing its going to bounce back vs a weaker TB team.

MIA @ >MIN< Start long bombing the ball Favre, jeez Viks by a TD

STL @ >OAK< Hue Jackson is finally using McFadden like he should be used, get him in space with pitches and screens, and Bradford keep throwing interceptions please, Asomugha gets lonely when everyone avoids his side.

>SEA< @ DEN Seatle's Defence looks really good this year, Denver's looks terrible, I'm guessing thats going to be the difference this week.

>HOU< @ WAS Coin toss on this one, I thought Houston looked good all around vs Indy, I thought McNabb was going to do better in his debut, maybe in his home debut, luckily Portis is back.

>NE< @ NYJ NE's offence is going to light up NYJ's passing D, more specifically Cromartie, Greene needs to hang on to the damn ball.

JAC @ >SD< they lost week 1 because of bad special teams, fix it Norv!

>NYG< @ IND Going to be a hell of a game,I'm predicting the Giants by 3.

>NO< @ SF San Fran dominated time of possion in the 1st half last week but couldn't put up the points, then broke down all together in the 2nd. SF needs to rely on Gore and not Smith, but even at their best I don't see them beating the defending champs on monday night.

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