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I come here askin you a favor.....

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So I'll begin the story now.

I'm in media studies high school. Our assignment was to create a product/trend/fad, or anything that other people could use. Anyways, I came up of this idea for a website. It's called "Greg's List" and it's about the rants from my friend, Greg. Though, there's more than just his rants. Forums are also on the website, where users can rant about things they want to rant about, along with an off-topic board. Anyways, I'll be adding more pages to the website of course, as it's in the early stages. I'd just like it if you guys registered there or something. Maybe make a few posts, and please tell me how I can improve it. Mind you, I made this website as a joke, and an assignment. I had 0 intentions on actually having it continue after today, but everyone seemed to like it so the website will stay ongoing.


Note* The picture on the homepage is Greg, not I.

Also, it'd be greatly appreciated if one of you nice fellers told me if doing this is bannable or not. I can't afford another ban.......

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