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Online Band Colaboration?


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Hey all,

Ive been batting around different ideas for bands/songs/whatever for years now but ive often had difficulty finding other people willing to commit to anything.

I am a singer, i can do mixing and such on the computer and I TRY to write lyrics, but I usually only get a few bars down before my good ideas start sounding contrived and pretentious.

So, Since I'm just spinning my wheels here in Sault Ste. Marie, On. I was thinking "lets try something new". And as such, this concept came to mind.

Essentially, I'd like to see what CDCs finest can do. Song writing can be a group process, bouncing ideas back and forth, suggestions, etc. or if you have a song that you wanted to put forth, credit where credit is due kinda thing, and then musicians, do your thing.

Each contributing artist can play their respective piece, recorded and sent to me. Guitar, bass, drums, whatever else we end up mixing in, I will do the vocals and mixing or whatever. Its all open for discussion.

I just think it would be a neat project. even if you are in a band, this is kinda a side project. Online only (as, like I said I'm in ontario), lets see what comes of it.

Anyone interested in participating in something like this!?!?

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