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EASHL club looking to add RD+backup G

Horvat x 53

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Hi guys!

We are looking to add possibly 1 player at this point. Some basic info about us. Prior to 2 weeks ago we were top 50 for 6's and top 100 overall. We took 2 weeks off because i got myself banned for having the word "Sh**" in my bio , and also we had 2 guys from the Jersey area which was affected by the hurricane.

We are a cycling team that uses everybody on the ice. Communication is key, and we love playing with team players.

What we are looking for.

At this point a flexible player who does not mind being in different positions.

-As a winger, looking for a guy who is strong on the puck and has great on ice vision.

Great at entering the zone/ great at recognizing when to dump the puck.

Strong on the backcheck and rarely out of position.

Has a strong sense of when to pass when to shoot when to throw it around the boards/reverse play

-A D who plays a solid 2way style like a Hamuis or Ryan Murray. Cares more about getting the job done rather than be the "point getter"

Great at breakout passes

Will not panic when pressured

Smart at when to get rid of the puck on the blue line.

Here is our team:

http://www.easportsw... ... 2/overview

We play mon-fri 6pm pacific - 10 pm pacific which would be 9 east-1 est

Sat-Sun whenever people are on.

So if you think we fit your style please leave a msg on xbl and lets have a go!!

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