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What Irritates Me?


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You wanna know what really irritates me? Despite the fact Luongo was our first star for Games 1 and 2, AV decided to start Schneider for Game 3. Why? Obviously anyone with sense would start Luo. Reasons? Schneider didn't play for 2 weeks. Reports have said he WASN'T healthy. Luongo was spectacular. Goaltending was NOT the issue. So why change goalies? Cause AV is an idiot. Suddenly, he pulls Schneider and puts Lou in and basically says: " oh, I started Schneider despite the fact you played so good! Now that my plan backfired, could you please play excellent again".

Now Luongo has to basically re-build all his confidence. There was absolutely no reason to start Schneider.. What if he got re-injured, then what?

Thoughts? Opinions?

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