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nuck luck

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- I guess I'll just come out and say it.... Ovi, Malkin, Crosby and 90% of Canada's team are over-the-hill or useless and should be traded for scraps! Can't score a goal!... and fail to show up when it really matters, Tavares is useless cause he's accident prone! Oh...Babcock's to blame for Tavares' injury because of his damned system!

>>> Am I doing this right? :bigblush:

- Even though I'd rather see Lou in net... I have hopes for Price, even though he hasn't been tested yet. A half-full look at the goalie situation, since everything Lou does gets over scrutinized by the media and fans, they won't have him to blame if we don't win Gold and he keeps his trade value high in case another team has interests in acquiring him.

Ideally, I'd like to see Lou brought in mid-way through a game and shutting down the opposition for the win. He led us to gold 4 years ago and still doesn't get the credit... The rest of this country needs to know and appreciate Lou like the rest of us...or most of us.

- I know there's a few of us on here...but I'm unbelievably ok with how our team has performed this year, considering the circumstances with injuries, puck luck, etc. With one more top 10 pick and our futures looking pretty good... Hell, I could even handle another year of this if it means we get a solid prospect group coming up together, I'm probably alone on this one :rolleyes: Another year would be tough, but I think I could endure it.... can't imagine what it's like being a Coiler's fan? hehe

- Speaking of our future, are we better off letting our prospects spend a year or more together down in Utica to build a solid bond between themselves? That's what happened with our current core and they've been pretty loyal to this team.... It would be nice to have our new core stick with their 'brothers' and not leaving the Canucks in a quest for "Eldorado" (like Ehrhoff, who didn't 'grow' with our current core). We've got a pretty good group now and we should be adding to that this year.... if we only had 1 or 2 potential NHL players it might be a different story, but there's already a solid core with some history between them. A year or two together and we could turn that 'history' into a solid bond, maybe win it all with the Comets and come into the NHL with aspirations to win it together... maybe get one game further than this group did in 2011?

>>> It's too bad Bo's not eligible to play in Utica next year.... so hopefully he makes the cut this summer.

- So excited for Utica next year... can't wait to see the additions of Shink, Fox, Cassels, Gaunce, Subban, McEneny, Cederholm and that Latvian kid...can't remember his name or spell it :) This is a big addition of quality players to add to Utica next year!

- Hypothetical... Lets say 2 - 3 years from now, our prospects make it to the NHL, what players from our current team would compliment the "new core"? The "new core" (forwards) being 5 players from this list:

Bo - C

Shink - C

Gaunce - C

Fox - C

Cassels - C

Jensen - RW

Grenier - RW

Lain - C

Archie - LW

My guess is Bo, Shink, Gaunce, Fox, Cassels, Jensen or Lain have the best odds to make it as NHL regulars.

The "new core" (Dmen) including 2 from this list:

Cederholm - D

McEneny - D

Subban - D

Hutton - D

McNally - D

Corrado - D

Biega - D

Andersson - D

- It seems like we're pretty stacked at C.... weren't there tons of complaints about our C depth not too long ago? Another example of why we should let MG do his job...he knows what areas to address.

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