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First off id like to keep Kesler make a couple trades to make us competitive and give our young prospects a little more time to get ready.

To Tampa : Hansen , Schroeders rights or 3/4th round 2014

To Van : Connolly's rights

Why : I think Schroeder and Connelly could use a change of scenery and both are RFA's both have under performed. I think Hansen can help them out now hes a solid two way player for can add 10-20 goals depending on opportunity and icetime given. I know they have a lot of young centers so maybe remove Schroeder and and a 3/4th pick 2014 ?

To Det : Edler , 2nd 2014 or Schroeder

To Van : Mantha

Why : Yes Mantha is a good prospect and yes i know Edlers had and very bad season and a not so good one before that. I also know most people also under or over value Edler on here. I think this is fair because they NEED hlep on defence and there isn't a lot out there for UFA. Edler is an former all-star and Olympian. He could use the change up and is 26/27 years old (not to sure) with is more then enough time to regain some form and could walk onto there top 4 or 2. Detroit has shown interest in him before and could use this bad season to get a deal on him. Mantha coming back isn't that far ferched, the kid was just drafted and had a good season he's not a Allstar. I could also take our pick out and add Schroeder as i dont think we have any use for him and he could do better in the east.

Draft the best player available this year at 6th and hopefully draft some defence later as we could use some more prospects

This leaves Horvat , Cassels , Fox , Mantha , Shinkaruk , Subban , Cederholme , Gaunce , ++ Honing there craft in the minors for another year. Unless they show they are ready..... really ready to make the jump.

leaving us this as a team next year

D.Sedin H.Sedin Burrows

Jensen Kesler Kassian

Higgins Matthias Connolly

Sestito Richardson Archibald

Tanev Hamhuis

Garrison Bieksa

Corrado Stanton



Also Buyout Booth and that leaves us around 16 million after signing Tanev for 4 years at 2.7 million

and Kassian at 3 years 2 million

In the end we get rid of Edler Schroeder Booth and Hansen

and gain Mantha and Connolly one for depth and one to add a little youth to the team

The Future Jensen Horvat Kassian

Mantha Cassels Connolly

Fox Gaunce

Not to Shabby

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Value is accurate for both but I doubt Detroit gives up Mantha.

I agree they won't want to but they had a lot of youth step up and they really need the back end help . I think both edler and Shreoder could both help them next year while Mantha is still two to three away from cracking they're roster

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Connolly was nearly a point per game in the AHL, I don't think he's underperformed.

Nhl. 2011-12. 68 games 4 goals 11 assists

2012-13 5 games 1 goal

2013-14 11 games 1 goal

So that was my reference to under performing

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