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New Clash of Clans... Clan


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Hey CDC, if anyone is still around that plays the game come join my new clan. Anyone welcome.  I would be more then happy to teach any new players. Could use a couple more canucks fans to hockey up this chat. 





-SEAN BEAN (shayster007)

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I played this game twice and gave up twice.. once was in 2013 before clan wars, and I quit cuz I thought the game was pointless without some sort of clan war (of course a lot of other people were suggesting that too which is why they did it). After clan wars came out, I gave it another good go and got my TH to 9 and spend the $20 this time to get all builders too. Still ended up feeling like I'm getting dragged along for never ending updates that keep pushing you to want to spend $$$ to get to the new toys that would take months and years to get to otherwise. Freemium (or better termed Pay to Win) models are just terrible. I will never play any of them seriously, it's just a bottomless pit that will eventually make you decide if you should just quit or pay lots of money to continue.

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