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NHL 2018/2019 Regular Season Fantasy Hockey Pool - Participants needed


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Hi everyone, 


We are looking for participants for our NHL 2018/2019 Regular Season Fantasy Hockey Pool.  Here are the details for the hockey pool.


Please email, EaglesHawksNHLHockeyPool@gmail.com if you would like to participate in this hockey pool.


The object of this hockey pool is to earn as many points as possible from your team which is composed of NHL players (Forwards, defensemen and goalies).  The winner of this hockey pool is the participant whose team has the highest point total at the end of the 2018/2019 NHL Regular Season.  This pool does NOT include the 2018/2019 NHL Playoffs.


Your teams will be selected at the hockey pool draft.  There will be NO trades after the draft or at the draft.  Therefore, you keep the same team for the entire 2018/2019 NHL Season.


Date of the Hockey Pool Draft: Tuesday, October 2, 2018 - 5:30 pm to 10:00 pm
Location: Meeting Room 2 at Creekside Community Recreation Centre - Address: 1 Athletes Way, Vancouver, B.C.  V5Y 0B1.  The location is within walking distance from the Main Street-Science World SkyTrain Station and the Olympic Village SkyTrain Station.  If there are any changes to the location, we will let you know.


There are three ways to participate in the draft for this pool.


1) In person at the draft location (Rented meeting room)
2) By phoning in your draft selections
3) By submitting a list of your player rankings and any specific instructions


These three ways to participate in this pool will be explained in more detail later in this post.


We are hoping to get 15 participants total for this pool.


The only cost(s) to join this hockey pool is for the participants who are drafting in person at the meeting room. These participants will divide up the cost(s) of renting the meeting room. It works out to $10/person. If there are extra funds, they will be used to buy drinks for the group.  If you are participating in the pool by phoning in or by providing a player ranking list, there is no charge.  Therefore, the only prize for winning this hockey pool is GLORY. 


If you email EaglesHawksNHLHockeyPool@gmail.com and prefer to not have the other participants see your email, then please let us know, and you can be emailed by Bcc:


We will draw for the drafting order at 5:30 pm on October 2, 2018, and the draft will be conducted "snake style".  For example, If there are 15 participants in the draft and, if you draw the 1st pick then you'll draft 1st and 30th, if you draw the 2nd pick, then you'll draft 2nd and 29th, if you draw the 15th pick, then you'll draft 15th and 16th, and so on.  

We will draft for 20 rounds.  Therefore, each participant will have 20 NHL players (Fowards, defensemen, and goalies) on their team.


Only your top 18 players' points will be counted towards your team's point total.  This means that the points from your team's two players with the lowest number of points won't be counted towards your team's overall point total.

This reduces the pain of having injured players not contributing to your overall point total, or other under performing players. 


On your team you must draft:


1) Mandatory 2 Goalies - You are not allowed to draft any more or any less than 2 goalies
2) Minimum of 2 defensemen - You can draft more than 2 defensemen but you MUST have at least 2 defensemen
3) The rest of your players are any types of forwards - Can be any type of forward (center, left and right wing)


There will be a penalty for anyone who does not follow the above rules because it affects everyone else's picks afterwards if the mistake is not caught in time.


Points are earned as follows for:


Forwards and defensemen:

Goal = 1 point
Assist = 1 point


Win = 2 points
Win with a shutout = 3 points
Goal by a Goalie = 1 point

Assist by a Goalie = 1 point


Shoot out goals do not count for any points for forwards and defensemen, and overtime and shoot out losses do not count for any points for goalies.

If there is a tie, the tie will be broken by who has the higher "Points per game" statistic which is offered by www.hockeydraft.ca.  This website does not automatically break tiebreakers so we'll need to determine that ourselves.


While drafting there will be a 45 second time limit in each round for you to choose your player.
It will be the later rounds that will separate those who did their homework and those who slacked off.


This pool will be capped at 15 participants, therefore please confirm if you will be in the pool.  If we have more than 15 participants interested, then only the first 15 who confirmed will be included in the pool, so your spot in the pool is based on a first confirm, first serve basis.  Anyone who confirms, but is not one of the first 15 people who confirmed will be put on the wait list.

Here are more details about the three methods to participate in this draft:


1) In person at the draft location - We have been approved to rent Meeting Room 2 at Creekside Community Recreation Centre from 5:30 pm to 10:00 pm on October 2, 2018.


2) Over the telephone - We can call you when it's your turn to select, or you can stay on the phone for the entire draft.  We could put you on speaker phone so you can hear everyone's selections if you want.

3) Providing a draft player ranking list plus any specific instructions to give to someone else participating in the draft to select for you An example for specific instructions could be, if you want your goalies to be drafted by a certain round or by a certain number of goalies already selected by the other participants, then please state your specific instructions in your ranking list.  This is so that you don't get stuck with the only other goalies left, after everyone else has already selected their mandatory two goalies.


We will NOT provide a player ranking list for you.  You will have to provide your own player ranking list.




If you provide a player ranking list, and on your turn to select, the next player on your list is either injured or hasn't signed their contract to play this season yet, then we will move on to the next player on your list unless you specify.   However, if that injured player on your list is only listed as having a "day to day" injury then we will select him instead of moving on to your next player.




However, IF YOU CATCH THE MISTAKE AND INFORM US BEFORE THE MISTAKEN PLAYER IS DRAFTED, THEN YOU CAN MAKE THE CHANGE. (For example, you realize your mistake while the draft is going on and phone someone at the draft location to correct it before the player is drafted)


For research purposes, you can buy fantasy NHL magazine guides or print off player ranking lists online (There are plenty of websites with NHL fantasy player rankings) to help you with your research and strategy.  Any type of research material is allowed on the draft day.  For example, you can bring your laptop, notes, or any player ranking lists to the draft.  WIFI WILL BE AVAILABLE, so you can research online.


The website we will be using for this hockey pool is: www.hockeydraft.ca


That's it for now.  Thanks a lot for reading, and thanks a lot to those who are interested.


Best regards,


The organizers

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For those interested in this joining us, you may find 5:30pm-10pm a bit long. Anyone have ideas for eating? Anyone mind chipping in for pizza or would you prefer we take a break in the middle to find food? I will bring a case of water.

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