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TVA Sports 2023-2024 NHL schedule.

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For those who have Shaw Direct, Telus, Bell Satellite, or cable viewers in Ontario to Newfoundland, this is like Centre Ice light.
Click the the tab on the left side to select each month.

The breakdown for each canadian team on this channel

The Canucks have 12 games, five of them simulcasting SN Pacific regional games

Oilers have 39 games with 18 of them simulcasting SN West regional games
Leafs have 30 games, twelve of them simulcasting SN Ontario and TSN4 regional games
Flames have 27 games with six of them simulcasting SN West regional games
Senators have 23 games with two of them simulcasting TSN5 regional games
Jets have eleven games with six of them simulcasting TSN3 regional games
Habs have 22 games and all of them are national

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