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All hail the REAL President! 




His hard working grandfather, starting his American dream he began to build the family fortune with whore houses gentlemens clubs in the Pacific Northwest.  With the keen sense of business he realized that when he bought a house for his night workers in the seedy side of town for dirt cheap, in a few years gentrification made those flop houses double in value.   And he realized where the real money was. 

His father Fred came to New York and in between KKK rallies, invested the family money into real estate.  Genius.


Then a king was born.


Growing up on the mean streets of New York, with only 60 million of his dads money, he built an empire.  Only claiming bankruptcy four times in his quest for the American Dream.  Along the way he even had to beg Russian banks for loans because the woke American Banks wouldn't lend him anymore.


He always was a star, and The Apprentice gave him his much deserved break.  The camera revealed a no nonsense approach to business, where the main keys to getting ahead in his business, big boobs and sucking up, jettisoned many young entrepreneurs into successful businesspersons.


And if Trump could play the role of a successful business man on TV, then it proved he was in real life no doubt.  Good enough for millions of Americans who enthusiastically voted him the 45th POTUS!  Thankfully winning it away from Crooked Hillary, who committed one of the gravest treacheries in the history of the United States...she used her private email for some of her government business. And THREE of the emails had been designated "classified'!  Who cares they were not classed as Top Secret.  A mistake she apologized for.  What a wus.  If you are going that route  just take the Top Secret docs! don't risk national security by using email!!!


While in his great term of office, he passed monumental legislation cutting taxes, again, for the wealthiest individuals in the US.  Making up for a part of the loss in revenue with cuts to health, housing, science, disability insurance, climate change commitments, among other useless government waste.  His fans went wild!


On the international stage, America was once again respected around the world. From North Korea to Moscow. From Brazil to Belarus. A lot of people were saying...this was the greatest President they had ever dealt with. Sure he was tough, called them petty names, but that's what made him such a great leader. He showed them their places.  USA USA USA!!


But it was too much for the Deep State, for the demonic Democrats, for George Soros to let stand.  So they rigged the 2020 elections with the help of Hugo Chavez's ghost, and the Communist Chinese to flip the votes for Biden.  Leaving votes for the House for Republicans to take over, just so it wouldn't look too odd in order to get away with it.  Or so they thought.  Through Godly prophets like Q-anon and Mike Pillow, we know we have an illegitimate President in office right now.  So much evidence its overwhelming. Mike Pillow just has to have another week to get it all together.


So as Americans go into another election year,  our hopes are with MAGA and their dear leader.  His platform, so well thought out and beneficial for the country, coined in one word.....Revenge!  That is what the American people need.  Set up the gallows again in front of the Capital Building. This time not only for the turncoat Pence, but Pelosi, AOC,  Biden and maybe Taylor Swift too. 


Then start the plans to invade and take over their Northern neighbour.  Free us Donald from our communist dictator Trudeau!


All Hail our future Chief!!!




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