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Why The Fans Are So Important.

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Lets start with the blue jays. we have a pool of talent because we didn't have fans. we didn't have money to buy the players and we didn't have the fans to critique every move.

Watch a Canuck game. every single mistake is maximized. every single time Luongo lets in a bad goal, the crowd lets him know. The crowd also appreciates the small moves that mean something. A back checking offensive player gets applauded appropriately. I guarantee you Derek Jeter and A-Rod are critiqued 10 times more than Luongo is here. That's why big name players go to big markets. Or they go to Sports crazed cities like Green Bay who have just over 100,000 people in their population.

We want Luongo to be a winner so bad because we are putting all the blame on him if we don't win the cup while he plays here. but he knows that. and he also knows that he will be immortalized if he does win a cup. I don't get why we love to hate him. Let's get behind the guy and fully embrace the team because this isn't going to be presidents trophy teams.

Canucks need to lose to wake up.

They will wake up.

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