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  1. Thanks, oh and too late he already spoiled me haha

  2. Happy BD ;) Don't let Vik spoil you too much. haha have a good one

  3. I try to put the leash on ..but sigh the 'gangsterness' is just too much to handle at time :P just kiddin, but oh well it was a fun thing while it lasted

  4. Oh and mastah TJ damn right you better give me full credits

  5. A combination of magic, special powers and board hehehe

  6. How come your profile picture is different when i see it on your page and when i see it on somebody else's comments?

  7. ya for sure, you better recognizeee is right. lol and damnn you need to keep a leash on your bf there, his future if he has one doesnt look to good on here. :P

  8. Nothing:( oh well the recognition was more than enough!

  9. fan of the month haha thats crazzyyyy awesome. good stuff, so besides the recognition, what did you win?

  10. Wellll i was 'fan of the month' on that fan spotlight thing last year..hehe.

  11. hahha damnnn i see your blue and green painted room in your personal photo. That's just wicked. Im jealous, my rooms only light blue lol. But straight up all that's gotta put you way up there with the craziest girl canuck fans. Dhaliwals representin whaaatttt!