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  1. Benning is the worst GM in the league when it comes to signing UFA's/pending UFA's. It's not even close. Watch him re-sign Sutter shortly. This has to be the most frustrating time to be a Canucks fan as the team has so much potential to succeed but is being butchered by horrible contracts. The fact that the Canucks re-signed Pearson but not Toffoli at a slightly higher cap hit is equally frustrating and hilarious. Benning needs to go. Keep the scouting staff that has saved this organization. Get a General Manager that can actually use those pieces to build
  2. The 2011 Cup Final was the moment I lost my true passion for the sport, after the horrendous game management by the referees. This isn't surprising at all. The rules in the NHL are just simply based on the opinion of the refs. I think the NHL is the only major sport where the rules are different in the regular season and playoffs.
  3. Lmao Sutter on the ice when 2 goals down and the net empty. Can't wait for Green to be kicked out of the city.
  4. Jordie Benn playing over Juolevi is a war crime.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Trebreh


      Juolevi and MacEwen not being regular players on our team is a crime against humanity. 

    3. DarkIndianRises


      Completely agree.   

      I really don’t understand why Juolevi and MacEwen aren’t being dressed.

    4. TNucks1


      maybe didnt wanna mess up the hughes and benn pairing, i though that hamonic actually had a decent game coming back, but OJs been great also so kinda confusing.

  5. Jim Benning- May 1st, 2022 Travis Green- May 1st, 2022
  6. Let the chips fall as they may. If the Canucks do well, then that's great. If they miss the playoffs, fire Benning and Green. Either way it works out. The Canucks are going to have some cap space in the upcoming offseason, which means that not having Benning sign a fourth liner to a $3 million+ contract would be a major benefit.
  7. I couldn't recommend this more. Spent 10 months in Asia from 2018-2019. It was a life-changing experience.
  8. "I wish we had Vasilia Potslovin in the lineup"- (Stan Smyl)

  9. https://www.yourerie.com/news/national-news/roy-horn-of-siegfried-and-roy-dies-of-covid-19-complications/
  10. I would say that the number of people infected with Covid is about 5 to 10 times the current reported rate. You have to factor in the severe under-reporting from several different countries, as well as the fact that these numbers only account for people tested for Covid. There are many people with Covid right now that are self-isolating, and are not getting the test because the symptoms aren't severe enough.
  11. I'm going to say it'll take about 50,000 before drastic measures are taken.
  12. It doesn't make sense for Rathbone to sign if he won't start the year in Vancouver. He's currently at Harvard, and so I'm sure he'd rather finish his degree than be in the AHL for the next 1-2 seasons. I can see him go back to Harvard if there's no guarantee that he would start the year in Vancouver.
  13. A ton of people smoke in Japan. It's pretty commonplace there in public places. I didn't see it much in restaurants though.
  14. I work in an "essential need" occupation, and I have to say that I'm shocked at some of the people who are coming out for "non-essential" reasons. You're not only putting us workers in danger, but you are also putting yourselves in danger too. This epidemic is clearing up the fact that there are a ton of people in our society that are ignorant, insane, or both. They will unfortunately be the victims of this epidemic, but the problem is that they may take a lot of other people with them.
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