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  1. If the Canucks can somehow get Radko Gudas, that would be amazing. Expecting Juulsen, Nutivaara, or Lammiko though.
  2. "Well you know, we really liked Jonah, and you know he's a really tough player, but you know, we couldn't find space for him after we signed Alex (Chiasson) and you know, we wish him all the best on the Sharks, you know"- Jim Benning.
  3. I really want to see Nic Petan make the team. Lockwood looks great as well. Miller-Pettersson-Garland Hoglander-Horvat-Boeser Pearson-Petan-Podkolzin Lockwood-Dickinson-Highmore
  4. Miller-Petterson-Boeser Hoglander-Horvat-Garland Pearson-Petan-Podkolzin Motte-Sutter-Dickinson Highmore OEL-Myers Hughes-Hamonic Rathbone-Poolman Juolevi/Schenn Demko Halak
  5. 1) Favourite restaurant- Sura (Robson). I love everything on the menu but the Spicy Galbi Jjim is my favourite meal in the city. It was the one food item that I missed the most when traveling. 2) Favourite place to have a drink- I haven't gone to many places in Vancouver to drink in the past few years (even before COVID). I would say the Keefer Bar used to be my favourite. 3) Favourite place to watch a hockey game other then your living room - At Rogers Arena lol
  6. The Canucks are following the Tampa Bay system by having a solid puck-mover on the left side and a depth defensive defenseman on the right side. Tampa Bay had a left defense of Hedman, McDonagh, and Sergachev. They were paired with Rutta, Cernak, and Foote/Schenn. The Canucks are doing the exact same thing. The team has Hughes, OEL, Rathbone and Juolevi as the puck-movers, and Myers, Hamonic, Poolman, and Schenn as the depth defensive defensemen. I don't like the term of this deal but we'll see how it goes.
  7. I definitely can, but I haven't decided if I wanted to screw you over financially or not. I'll get back to you with my decision.
  8. For anyone reading this in 2026, you'll know that this was a good move.
  9. This guy is going to be a star on this team.
  10. Nate Schmidt is likely on his way out too. I really like Garland, and OEL can definitely bounce back on a better team. This is a decent trade. OEL, Hughes, and Rathbone on the left side will be solid for the next 6 years.
  11. Really happy for Alex Burrows. Even though he couldn't get the cup as a player, I really hope he gets it as a coach.

    1. #Canucks


      This. This would be so sweet!

    2. -DLC-


      It would be so awesome...I'd love him to hoist a cup.

    3. Elias Pettersson
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