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  1. Pietrangelo is the exact defenseman the Canucks need. An elite two-way defenseman who is right-handed. I really wish the team didn't shell out so much money on bottom-six forwards. If the Canucks can somehow get him, a first pairing of Hughes and Pietrangelo would be ridiculous.
  2. It honestly makes more sense for Markstrom to walk and sign with another team. He'll get more money, a longer term, and an NTC.
  3. I still think the biggest loss on that team was Ehrhoff. Losing the only puck-mover on defense essentially killed the Canucks' transition offense. He's probably the most forgotten part of that 2011 team, especially because he played poorly in the Finals (due to injury). I think if the Canucks had flipped Hodgson, a first round pick, and another asset for a puck-moving defenseman, the Canucks would have won the cup in 2012 or 2013, even with Daniel Sedin injured at the beginning of the playoffs. The only tough team in the West (in 2012) were the Kings, and the transition offense would have allowed them to win. I mean, look at the series winning goal between the Kings and Canucks for example. Hamhuis, Edler, and Bieksa were great d-men, but none of them could effectively move the puck up the ice. For example, imagine this Canucks team without Quinn Hughes. I know Ehrhoff isn't even on the same level as Hughes, but they bring a similar style of game that wasn't on this team for 8 years. The second they added a defenseman who can move the puck up the ice, the team made the playoffs. This is something I've been touting since 2011. I compare this to when the Canucks refused to improve in net during the WCE days. Honestly, if you're a contender, you should throw any piece you can to perfect your team. The Canucks blew several opportunities to win the cup because they couldn't trigger a deal to improve the holes on the roster. I'm hoping Benning learns from these mistakes during his tenure.
  4. Borowiecki is a guy I discussing acquiring at the trade deadline. I think he's the perfect fit on this team, especially with defensemen like Juolevi, Rafferty, and Rathbone coming in over the next couple seasons. Out: Fantenberg, Benn, Stecher In: Borowiecki, Juolevi, Rathbone/Rafferty
  5. Vancouver is not a good fit for OEL. We need right-handed defensemen. It's not worth the price.
  6. As much as I ragged on the trade when it happened, it is what it is at this point. Tyler Madden has become criminally underrated on CDC though lol. He went from being considered one of the top prospects on the team, to being a certifiable bust on CDC. I mean the guy is a defensive centre who put up 37 pts in 27 games in the NCAA. He was excellent for the US in the World Juniors and he seems to only get better by the day. He's a smaller player but he'll obviously get heavier than 150 lbs, especially since he's only 20 years old. My question is, what is the problem with his game? With the exception of his size, there are no holes to his game. If the Canucks traded any other prospect I'm sure he would've been buried the same way.
  7. Well he had a strong showing in Game 5. Glad to eat my words for now.
  8. 0 pts in 7 playoff games is a bad look for Jake, who has apparently become much better offensively this season. Hopefully he has a strong showing in Games 5 and 6, but his laziness and lack of hockey IQ has been really put up front in these playoffs.
  9. "I wish we had Vasilia Potslovin in the lineup"- (Stan Smyl)

  10. Bo is giving off some hardcore Trevor Linden vibes with these clutch goals.
  11. Now I see why the Canucks really wanted Dubois in 2016. He's unreal. Also, watching the Leafs constantly fail always brings a smile to my face.