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  1. [Trade] Canucks trade for F Brandon sutter

    I thought Benning wanted to keep 2nd rounders? I would've been fine w/ Bonino for Sutter 1 for 1, but adding in the 2nd and Clendening is too much. Especially because I think Sutter will leave even if management tries to keep him. Also, Clendening got Forsling shipped out of town, a dman who finished 11th in WJ scoring. I've said it before and I'll say it again, you can't be competitive and rebuild at the same time. Everybody outside of Vancouver sees that. If we continue down this path, expect more finishes in the 6-10 range along with more 1st round exits.
  2. Brock Boeser | #6 | RW

    He's not a bad player but with Konecny and Merkley still available along with a massive need on d, I would've preferred drafting somebody else.
  3. Best time to buy a Laptop?

    That's a good price for those specs IMO because that's pretty much how much laptops cost these days. With that being said, if you're really only using it for those purposes, u could probably get one for less money and wouldn't notice the difference. Unless u do a lot of hardcore gaming or lots of video editing u don't need a monster like that. I made the same mistake. Matters more about your internet. One thing I'd suggest is looking into SSD laptops as they're substantially faster than normal HDD ones but it'll probably cost a lot more too.
  4. Canucks Youth Chart [updated]

    Wow, we've got lots of 2nd line talent/ 2nd pair dman talent, but we lack 1st line/1st pair talent. Hopefully guys like Shinkaruk and Virtanen can reach their ceilings. Same w/ Tanev and Corrado on defense. At the same time, however, you've got to keep in mind that 1 or 2 of the prospects will be a bust. That's just the way hockey works. Either way, the future doesn't look so bleak after the last 2 drafts we've had. I'd sure love to add McDavid or Eichel to that prospect list
  5. Official Welcome Back Luciferase Thread

    Am I the only one lost? I'm going to guess this is a user, but I googled it and apparently, this is an enzyme... Not sure that's what you were welcoming tho...
  6. [Trade] Gagner for Purcell

    Stevie Y continues to work his magic. IMO, he's one of the best GM's in the league. And why didn't Edmonton get a dman? They've already got too many forwards. Get Gudas or something. The Oilers have been mismanaging assets for so long. It's quite comical actually. Gagner is actually good. In 67 games last year, he got 37 points, in the West, in the hardest div in hockey. Imagine what he can do in the East. STEAL for the Lightning IMO. Edit: never mind.
  7. He wants to go to a cup contender. Next.
  8. BUF initiate compliance buy out on Ehrhoff

    Where exactly would Ehrhoff fit on this team. You've got Edler, Hamhuis, Tanev, Bieksa and Sbisa who IMO, are all top 4 dmen. Weber is also said to have gotten a 1 way contract. There's literally no spot for him.
  9. BUF initiate compliance buy out on Ehrhoff

    Before, I would've loved to get him back, but we already have 8 quality dmen. Edler Hamhuis Tanev Sbisa Bieksa Weber Corrado Stanton I don't really care that he left, defense is the least of our concerns. The forward group might be one of the worst in the NHL w/ our 2 top 6 forwards being in their mid 30's. We can't win the cup, we might as well do what Buffalo is trying to do and take a run at McDavid or Eichel. I hope he goes to a team like Detroit so it intrigues Edler to want to be moved. Hopefully he doesn't say it in public and ruin the rate of return like some douche who wears #17 did.
  10. Jared McCann Talk

    Unless Horvat becomes a #1 center, either Horvat, McCann, Gaunce or Bonino are being traded or moved to the wing. Way too many potential #2 centers. All of them can play defense pretty well as well. I say package Horvat or McCann into a deal to get help elsewhere (#1 center, #1 dman).
  11. [Rumor] VAN Trade in Place for 1st Overall?

    6th + Garrison/Sbisa + maybe the 24th. Take or leave it Florida...
  12. Spezza will cost more to aquire. He's an elite offensive threat and is extremely similar to Getzlaf. This isn't a bad thing, but Spezza is a true 1st liner center and it will run them a hefty amount to acquire him, whereas Kesler will cost them less. I'm not worried about Spezza ruining the possible trade to Anaheim because I think they're looking for a 2 way center. What I'm worried about however, is the possibility of ROR being traded. If he's available, the Kesler market is screwed. The Ducks could probably get him for the around the same amount as Kesler, or they can offer sheet him. Meaning, the other teams interested in Kesler realize a prime suitor for the former Selke winner is off the table and they can use it as leverage, lessening the value coming back to us in a potential trade.
  13. If we pick Nylander, the Hurricanes or Leafs will pick Ritchie or Ehlers.