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  1. Nice addition, Nice contract Can play C/RW, right shot Early 2nd round pick in 2014(32nd)
  2. There was another Canuck that wore that number
  3. Wow!, there are some great bargains happening in the League right now. A lot of owners are feeling the crunch of lost revenue for their teams and probably more so on their other businesses hit by the pandemic!
  4. Whats going on in WPG?? First Trouba wanted out, then Bufugly and now Laine.
  5. Spezza and Thornton, has Dubas been scouting the old timers games???
  6. $12M tied up in 2 goalies Zero cap space left and 21 of 23 contracts signed!
  7. Eriksson will be playing in the AHL next season for the Abbotsford Comets because of the Canucks playing in the Canadian division. It will be useless to call players up from the farm in Utica if they have to quarantine for 14 days
  8. Ferland and Edler are the only 2 players that have NMC and Edlers contract expires after this season
  9. CANUCKS THAT HAVE WORN #49 Zack Fitzgerald, Alexandre Bolduc, Darren Archibald
  10. This has been rumoured. Also this was in Freidmans 31 thoughts 30. This depends on what happens with the border, but there is talk that Canadian-based NHL teams with U.S.-based AHL affiliates are considering moving them north of the 49th for the 2020–21 season. That’s Calgary/Stockton; Edmonton/Bakersfield; and Vancouver/Utica. It makes sense, because a quarantine period would mean you can’t call up players. Not sure if those teams would be based out of the NHL buildings or centralized, but it is something these three organizations must prepare for.