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  1. Things that make you go Hmmmmm! Ethan Bear couldn't handle the online toxic Oiler fans
  2. With the Canuck history of the #88 in Vancouver, Any new player should think twice about taking that number! Tryamkin then Gaudette and then Schmidt It just doesn't have a good track record
  3. Baertschi to Vegas https://www.prohockeyrumors.com/2021/07/vegas-golden-knights-sign-sven-baertschi.html
  4. It was said that Schmidt waived his NTC to WPG after talking to Paul Stastny from their playing days together in Vegas. Stastny just re-signed with the Jets
  5. Micheal Ferland: “It’s a tough decision for me, but no, I don’t think I’ll play professionally ever again. Definitely no contact ever again, I need to take care of myself.”
  6. OEL + Garland contract = $12M Louii, Beagle and Rousell = $12M
  7. Holtby's time in Vancouver was not good (to say the least) Right from border crossing turtles and the mask fiasco, To the icy staredown of JT Miller on a bad backcheck leading to a 4th goal Best to move on
  8. If they are going to buy out Holtby, He has to go on waivers today in order to do it Buying out Holtby would cost the Canucks $500,000 on the cap next season (for cap savings of $3.8 million), while costing the team $1.9 million on the cap in 2022-23.
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