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  1. When the Leafs knock off the Habs in short order. Bergevin will be fired and Patrick Roy will become GM The Leafs will then get crushed by the Oilers in the second round
  2. Barry Macdonald to guest on Donnie and Dahli
  3. Some massively huge advantages 1, Players are nearby which makes the players feel they are being watched by the big team 2, The canuck position coaches will be able to work with the AHL players. (Ian Clarke, Chris Higgins) 3. Some cap savings by sending players easily to AHL and back and forth
  4. Some people infuriated by Benning over paying players on 3 year deals, yet infuriated with benning for not overpaying BFG and not signing him to a 3 year deal.
  5. BFG re-signs in the KHL
  6. Got mine a couple days ago with my wife,Pfizer, no problems at all! You are supposed to wait 15 min.after poke but, if you have allergies you are supposed to wait 1/2 hour Waited 1/2 hour afterwards as my wife has allergies. It is self monitored Got our cards with a return date on it for the 2nd shot Our Nurse was outstanding!
  7. U.S. NHL TV rights more than doubled from NBC/Disney $325M/yr to $625M/yr with ESPN/Turner Sports
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