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  1. Gone are the days that the Blackhawks were our biggest rival (yeah, remember those days?). I still remember circling the games on the calendar where we would meet them in the regular season and it seemed like they were always our biggest postseason rival for a few years. And then Burrows slayed the dragon , oh what a feeling! But now, I feel as though one of either the Oilers or the Flames will emerge as our biggest rival. All three Western Canadian teams are either in a rebuild or retool. And all three have promising young pieces. It's going to be a dog fight for sure for atleast the next decade! In this decade who are you expecting to emerge and take the mantle from the Blackhawks as our biggest foe? Personally I'd go Oilers. Only because they've been so bad for so long, but now they have Mcdavid so they can only get better (right?). If they get to the point where they are a cup contender, hopefully we'll be right there with them. New Canucks core against the Mcdavid era Oilers. What a rivalry that would be, especially if we were to meet in the playoffs down the line. Thoughts?
  2. Hey everyone, I rarely start topics but wanted to gauge how fellow canucks fans felt about this. Now, post the destruction of the 2011 core, I was among those who called for a full scale rebuild. I was of the mind that it's tear everything down and start over. However, seeing the Oilers fail to make the playoffs with a upstart young core has greatly changed my mind. They clearly have nobody on that roster that knows how to win and lead! Nevertheless, they have also been grossly mismanaged. Point is, I now believe in what GMJB is doing. He inherited a mess yet added/developed young pieces such as Hutton, Horvat, Virtanen, Juolevi, Demko among others. This while also making the playoffs one year and giving someone like Horvat a taste of what it takes to get there and compete. Even the most negative haters have to admit our future is brighter than before Benning took over. I also believe that having leaders and relatively young players like gudbranson come in and help the Sedins out in terms of leadership and pushing young guys to be better will pay off. It's not like we haven't been getting high draft picks either. Horvat, Virtanen and Juolevi all went in the top ten. For these reasons I am on board with what management has been doing. Wanted to gauge what others thought. Opinions?
  3. Obviously Benning was not comfortable. Signed Milker to a three- year deal.
  4. Also, According to Dan Murphy on HC Benning like many of the posters here is not prepared to go out in a limb with a long term deal for Miller. Said to be in the area of 3 years / 5 million per.
  5. Dan Murphy on the Sportsnet HockeyCentral show before Free Agency said that Jim Benning is not happy going into the season with Lack and Markstrom as his goaltenders and would rather have Lack split time with a veteran. I guess this means no tanking? A part of me would not mind a bad season because of the supposedly deep upcoming draft. I guess it's try making the playoffs and hope for the best though...
  6. Still think 60+ games is a huge jump for Lack. It wouldn't be a bad idea to give him a 20 game trial. If the team is competitive and we are losing games because of goaltending, it may be wise to go the trade route. Word out of Toronto is that James Reimer is trade bait. He could be a possibility if he is still there come that time. Lets not trade any prospects or draft picks if we do go this route though
  7. Apperently Miller was spotted in Vancouver today. Anyone know if this is confirmed ?
  8. Interesting perspective. Buffalo sucks as a team. Miller having a couple bad years could just be a result of that simple fact. With our much better D-core , who knows. Maybe Miller bounces back in a big way for a season or two while Demko gets tims to develop his game.
  9. Markstrom value is extremely low right now. Tallon fleeced Gillis on the trade. It's at a point where it really couldn't be any lower. Why not grow the asset? Give him a few games. if he plays well, we may be able to move him for something.
  10. Claude Giroux .. that is exactly what my worry is. How would we hope to build confidence of young players with goaltending and blown leads such as that? The only thing it will build is a LOSING CULTURE ala Edmonton
  11. Anyone got an idea of what Hillers market value is or what he is said to be demanding? 3 yrs at 4 million per season seems pretty fair, or I could be way off. Also gives Demko time to develop.
  12. Apperently Canucks contacted Buf about Myers, but like the Wings, decided the asking price was too high
  13. Why would we extend the Sedins if we are going to have no goalie to get us into the playoffs? Wouldn't it make sense to blow the whole old core up altogether and stockpile picks to accelerate the process? Buffalo has three first rounders & they suck so right now they are the front runners for McDavid anyways. Also, are there any bonafide starting goaltenders in next years draft expected to go high? Like a Carey Price type
  14. Can we go the trade route ? Which goalies would be available? Someone young who just entered their prime or is about too enter their prime. Just look at the value Colorado is getting out of Varlamov or what Tampa Bay is getting from Bishop. Young goaltenders who can win now and in a couple years when we get good as a team. Would not mind trading Hansen or Burrows as part of a package
  15. Going into next season with two goalies that have very limited NHL experiance is troublesome for me. Lack may play well for some stretches.. but can he handle the grind of a full season as a starter? I don't feel he is ready for that. Definitely needs another season of apprenticeship where he maybe splits time with an established starter. Markstrom hasn't yet displayed anything that would give the notion he's ready for a starters role. Despite once being touted as the best goaltending prospect in the game, he has fallen off. Has good size though. But if we are going into next season with only these two goaltenders, we will not make the playoffs. Western conference is too good for that. Anyone disagree? That leaves the two big free agent goalies Hiller and Miller. Hiller seems much more intriguing as a guy with something to prove since being replaced in Anaheim as a starter. Still fairly young and can steal games with great all around ability. I remember one playoff where he was great and singlehandedly stole series against teams. Will his health issues be a concern? Vertigo issues detailed his career for a couple years. Miller seems to be past his prime years. Very dissapointing playoffs. Maybe he can be effective splitting time with Lack. Out of the two, I like Hiller if the term is low. Maybe Brodeur but I doubt he'd want to come here and split time. He was in that spot in New Jersey.