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  1. Probably also has to do with the fact that Rafferty is a year older than Virtanen yet people are regarding him as a promising young prospect. Not that he can’t be an impact player, but he’s already reaching the peak performance age for many NHL players.
  2. Part of the reason that celebrities and pro athletes make the money they do is that you live your life under the scrutiny of public opinion. It was Leipsic’s responsibility to represent both himself and the franchise according to the team’s code of conduct. You can argue legality vs morality all you want, but his contract stipulates following the code and he didn’t. If your job asks you to dress in a suit and you show up in khakis, is that social totalitarianism or a workplace violation? Also, the argument that a digital medium somehow lends itself to leniency is laughable. If he’d
  3. Pretty sure there's bigger problems then smoking plants in Russia right now... Sounds to me like someone who has no interest in coming back but doesn't want to burn bridges just in case. If he does come back in three years he'll be a 26 year old defenseman not used to North American ice with a track record of poor commitment to both the team and his own physical fitness. At this point I'd take picks for him and call it a high risk/reward pick gone wrong. Can't win em all!
  4. Labate posted some videos of him doing some combat training to his Instagram. Maybe it was something suggested by management at the end of year meetings?
  5. So the Canucks pass on the smaller skilled Swed (Nylander) to go with size and physicality with top 6 potential (Virtanen) and people haven't let it go ever since. Now we pick the smaller skilled Swed (Pettersson) and pass on the size and physicality (Vilardi) and people are upset? WHAT. DO. YOU. WANT.
  6. Someone's been listening to a little too much 1040.
  7. Burrows with the assist on Pageau's double OT winner!
  8. http://www.hockeyfights.com/fights/137145?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter Burrows had a fight today and I happened to notice on the replay that they had Stephane Auger doing guest colour. Would any French speaking peeps be able to translate what he said?
  9. You're right, he'll get working on that Megna-Mcdavid swap right away.
  10. Really? Last I heard he showed up to camp out of shape and was criticized for poor conditioning. He's listed at 6'2 212 lbs and the Flames 3rd pairing consists of Kulak and Engelland so whatever is keeping him from playing is probably either between the ears or off the ice.
  11. Maybe people in Calgary projected him to be an elite top liner but as I recall the scouting report was more to the tune of "high end puck distributer with a great hockey IQ, fast wheels and a quick shot, but may struggle with the size and physicality of the NHL game". Considering the pick before him is currently being shopped around the NHL and the pick after him is making less headlines than his Olympian sister, I'd be very pleased with where Sven's development is at. He's got more of a nose for the net and scoring more dirty goals than he did in Calgary and has managed to find chemistry on o
  12. Well the pick we gave up for him was our 2015 second rounder which turned into the 53rd overall pick in the 2015 draft. According to a 2014 draft article by Scott Cullen, a pick in the 50-55 range generally only has a 33% chance of playing 100 NHL games and projects on average to be somewhere between a "minor leaguer under 50 games" and a "very good minor leaguer" so if your expectation of Sven was a guaranteed top line scoring talent then I suggest you gain some traction on reality because Calgary certainly didn't think so. http://www2.tsn.ca/fantasy_news/story/?id=455673 htt
  13. Really? I thought he looks like a 24 year old slightly undersized forward with a ton of skill but being forced to develop in a rotating top six on a lottery team. This is exactly what Benning was talking about when he said he wanted to add another scorer to take the pressure off Baertschi. Developing in a top six is like learning to drive during a NASCAR race, some guys can do it but most either need time or more sheltered minutes to do so.
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