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  1. Shoot the freaking puck!! Stop passing it around the perimeter. Ugh
  2. Is it me, or do we play bigger, faster, and more physical wearing the black skate jerseys?!
  3. Hope the team finds their inner hulk. Finish checks on all Flames players and defend each other! Geez. The hacks and abuse on Petey should not go unanswered. Leaders should lead. Come on! Let’s go!
  4. Why ice essentially the same line up after a long road trip and three straight losses? That’s with call ups available for a more physical game. While I respect and agree with most coaching decisions, this game has been a head scratcher.
  5. Thoughts so far: 1-Demko should’ve started last game so Marky could have some rest and take on the Lames. 2- would’ve liked to see both Big Mac and Bailey in for tired, ineffective players such as Schaller, Sutter, and/or LE. 3. Shoot the puck! Hit the net!
  6. Drives me crazy that Malkin can stand next to the net and get 3 to 4 whacks at Demko without anyone knocking him down. Where are our big crease clearing dmen?!