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  1. Very different teams, very different roles. Hughes was jobbed.
  2. Big loss to this team, but his effect will last long beyond his time here.
  3. Not bad. Petey has gotten better on faceoffs, but not that much better. That means you are gonna have 2 and 3 out there for bigger faceoffs much more often, which kind of defeats the moniker first line in the first place. Miller almost certainly stays with him for at least another couple years, and don't be surprised when Benning brings in another versatile C/W type veteran who can take a load of both Miller and Bo in the same role as Beagle when he's gone.
  4. Floats around and allows easy entries for a period, is what he gets demoted for, not scoring.
  5. Don't think so. He never showed the hands or IQ to regularly play in the top 6. He did not consistently show the hard nosed grit to play in the bottom six. He might benefit with play under a coach like Barry Trotz.
  6. xereau

    Path of Exile

  7. I can understand defending the team, but call a spade a spade. Coaching was absolutely a factor. Falling back and allowing unfettered entries for 3 seasons now. That = coaching. Period. The end. This team has more talent than the way they are being told to play. That = coaching. Period. The end. The slow ass entries on the PP. That = coaching. Period. The end. Don't be surprised when Newel and Nolan are canned. Green might be safe, but he had no answer for what Vegas was throwing us. Well, he had the pursed lipped baby face, if you count that. I've not been shy about my feeling on our systems, and they are hilariously lowbrow / lowest common denominator. That might have been fine when we had Jack Skille and Jayson Megna playing 22mins a night, but our stars who flourish with the puck on their stick, are told to dump and chase, and play the system. It's infuriating to me.
  8. Hopefully some of the players learned something at least. Not so sure the coaches learned anything though.
  9. Whole coaching squad heh. No answers to the onslaught but pissy faces in response over 7 games.
  10. Whoever was asking earlier "what is game management?". THAT. That right there.
  11. Can you imagine? And then he goes on LTIR with severe dain bramage. Can't believe he is back.. I understand being a warrior and all, but damn. You can eff yourself up badly by playing with a concussion.