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  1. There's an ignore feature. Banning for that? Are you serious?
  2. It's more than this.. theres a BUNCH of money on the line for many of the players with incentive clauses. The team has to play all it's games.
  3. PS - it's actually freaky how similarly shaped Marlon Brando and Gary Buttman's heads are.
  4. I honestly don't think Virtanen is gonna score that much bro.
  5. They are professional athletes with the highest tier of health care on their side. We as plebs can't come close to understanding the benefits of such CV health, and from what I've read those who are extremely fit breeze thru this like it's a common cold, or in many cases far less. I think they're gonna be just fine.
  6. There's a 30 foot tall bronze monument which is nothing more than a giant finger in the eye to the corruption and incompetence of the league out front of the arena. It's no wonder the league acts this way. I do not condone the waiving of a white flag in surrender, ever, even in jest.
  7. He's also a diamond in the rough. Remember him at the world juniors? The guy's been beat down in Chiraq, so I for one am glad to see what he brings to the table.
  8. Highmore is 20lbs heavier, has some wheels, and he scored 3 goals in the last year's bubble in their series vs the Coil. We'll probably be pleasantly surprised at his ability. He *can* play center too in a pinch. It's kind of a sideways move, maybe, but I can see the potential upside.
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