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  1. Probably referring to Dahlen,Gadjovich and Palmu who showed little work ethic early in the season....
  2. Don't really know how anyone can develop any young talent when their are glaring holes in the comets lineup. Playmaking centers are a key component in any level of play. Without them at this level is a disaster. It continues to plague the youngsters and will not change until management corrects it. Your not going to develop top 6 wingers with the centers in Utica.
  3. Does anyone on here feel that Benning and company can even begin to manage an ECHL team?? They can't even handle Utica...... Benning needs to delegate someone to be fully in charge of this AHL team.. and it's not Ryan Johnson. This clown is useless.. They have Pat Conacher here.. turn the guy loose......
  4. You make some good points. The comets play a very hard game, they have since season one. A physical hard forechecking game and normally a low scoring game. The comets offence was better at points this season, but that was when they had Gaudette here for less than 20 games. This is on management for failing to bring in skill players which would allow a more skilled, less physical type of play. Instead they fill the lineup with 4th line checking type forwards which dictated the style the team must play. This also is a big factor in why the youngsters have not fit in and flourished in Utica. Benning and the Canucks totally abandoned the comets in the last two months. This team is mess with both Hamilton and Bancks signed for another season. More of the same is expected.
  5. Unfortunately injuries and lack of good management and support from Vancouver will doom this teams playoff run. Top 6 Defensman all missing, 3 in Vancouver and 3 injured. No team can overcome that. Offense is non existent with both Gaudette and kero missing. Also Boucher did not dress. It's amazing how much difference it makes with two solid centers at the top of the lineup. It's a completly different team with Gaudette and Kero. The question is will Johnson learn from his mistakes or continue to clog up the roster with useless checking forwards which has been the nagging problem in Utica.
  6. We will never know. Dahlen was improving, but had little to no interest in physical play. He basically stayed away from the tough areas and played on the perimiter. He was at his best on the PP. Bottom line was the kid had a total of 8 points at even strength in 50 games. Not exactly Earth moving #s.....
  7. That is because of how little depth the Canucks have had in their organization. Any player even remotely close to NHL level has been rushed into their lineup. Ollie is really the first high draft pick to be in Utica and he gets hurt.... Looks like Demko turned out ok.
  8. I really do not understand the crap coming out of Vancouver about the so called "toxic" environment. If you work your butt off and play a hard skating hard forechecking game that the comets have played all 6 seasons they have been here then you will fit in. PTO after PTO speak volumes of how welcoming the comets locker room and organization is. The AHL is a much tougher league than most realize.. half hearted efforts don't cut it. Dahlen simply didn't have the work ethic to fit in here, it was obvious to some from the early season games. Dahlen didn't like it here, it's a small City, in 20 minutes you can drive from one end to the other with no problem. There's not a lot to do. Food is excellent and affordable living.... It's obvious he didn't fit in in multiple ways.....
  9. I'll be surprised if he ever makes the NHL. He's a skill player that needs tome and space and his game did not work well in the AHL or with how the comets play. It's kinda like Goldobin.. looks like he's floating and not putting in much effort. The skill is there, but the work ethic is not. Goldobin adjusted better, but is probably still a soft player. The comets play a hard forechecking grinding game. Not exactly what you think when Dahlens name is mentioned. It is what it is. He wasn't happy here and Cull was frustrated with his lack of effort. Much like I hear about Goldobin in Vancouver.....
  10. Benning is not known for astute business sense. Not any different than loaning gagner to their AHL teams rival or letting Dahlen go back home last season.
  11. Dahlen and his agent asked for a trade. There were rumors he was heading home if not moved. Either way he wasn't staying here.
  12. I did not see thiose games. He has some flashes but mostly on the pp when he has more time and space. He definitely improvef, but obviously in his mind he belongs in the NHL. He will go game after game a complete non factor at even strength. Even on the middle of the pack comets he was an average player.
  13. A lot of mistakes and blantant turnovers. I believe at the time of his injury he had by far the worst +/- on the comets. Weak in his own end and needs to add weight. Unfortunately the injury will set him back to the AHL next season.
  14. I've watched him all year in the AHL.... He has a better chance of getting pregnant than playing in the NHL. He's too slow.....
  15. He was a long ways from an NHL player.... Perimeter princess would be an accurate statement.....