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  1. I was definitely in favour of signing Bowey after Stecher left, thought he'd be a low cost option on the right side with a bit of potential. Now that Hamonic's in the picture though, I don't see as much sense in bringing him in. Its going to be a strange season, rather use the circumstances to give guys like Juolevi and Rafferty some NHL ice time and see what they do with it.
  2. I like it, the kind of tweener player every system needs. Should add some much needed veteran help for Utica whenever they start playing and showed that he can chip in at the NHL level too if injuries hit for us.
  3. Does Hoglander qualify? He has a Dec 2000 birthday, I'm not sure what the cutoff date is for WJC eligibility
  4. just wanted to say that your username always gets me :lol:

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    2. Rubik


      Actually, they were still tied at 0-0. LA scored 3 pp goals on his 5 minute major. Here's the hit btw.



    3. Master 112

      Master 112

      oh wow- my memory was bad. now i get the hate. :lol:

    4. Rubik


      but who are we to tell you that your reality is not the correct one right? :P you do you :P

  5. What would you say about a Sautner-Brisebois pairing? Blujus was really good with Sautner in the regular season but looked completely out of sorts in the playoffs, albeit being a small sample size... I wonder if playing with a guy like Sautner who has become much more responsible would help Brisebois take more initiative on that offensive side of his game.
  6. haha, I'd love to contribute more, unfortunately real life (and AHL Live's pricing ) gets in the way of being able to watch as many games as I'd like. I'm gonna try and buy some more game packages next year though, with all the young talent that'll be filtered onto the Comets roster - I have a feeling people around here are more interested in what guys like Dahlen, Lind, Juolevi and co. are doing instead of the likes of Carcone, Molino and Labate. Should be an interesting season coming up. Thanks for the kind words!
  7. Botchford and Paterson have zero idea what goes on in Utica, Botchford's campaign to bring up Subban two years ago was entirely based on stats and nothing else. He said several times in his pieces that his defense "can't be that bad" because he'd never actually watched him play to be able to tell. Similarly, he doesn't watch Brisebois so boring stats = boring player by his logic. Not everyone needs to be a Hughes or a Juolevi though. Watching the Comets last year, Brisebois was mostly positive. He's a cerebral player who has a good idea of where the puck's going next, doesn't skate himself into bad situations, has decent offensive instincts but was often paired with Wiercioch and assumed the role of hanging back. Needs to work on being more on top of his opponents in front of the net as most of his mistakes came from letting players get separation on him. Which isn't a dealbreaker since he's now dealing with grown men who are stronger, faster, and smarter than what he was used to in the Q... his sophomore season will be interesting to watch, now that he'll have a full summer of training under his belt with the knowledge of what the AHL is really like. I don't see him getting a call-up quite yet, I think Sautner (who improved massively) and McEneny (depending on how he returns) are ahead of him, but Brisebois has the highest upside of that young group of Comets' d-men. If he keeps on track though he could easily pass Sautner this year, his rookie year was miles better by comparison.
  8. That was the best Canucks game I've ever seen live, despite the loss. That whole third period was amazing to watch. I got chills several times throughout the night... gonna miss the Sedins a lot. Class acts all the way.

    1. CRAZY_4_NAZZY


      Was at the game too, and man usually games have been so tame and boring.  The atmosphere there gets so muted with so many young families, casual fans, and children.  But tonight was rocking and I agree, one of the best live games I have ever witnessed.

    2. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      here too. I thought the 1st was funny, it was like we were all waiting for the Sedin shifts to cheer but then it really got going. Glad to be there though. We were right at the very top and it was neat to have the whole view of the crowd for the ovations. 

  9. One of my favourite/most underrated Sedin plays... for some reason I've always remembered this goal really vividly. Gonna miss watching those tape to tape, no look, perfect passes.


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    2. stonecoldstevebernier


      @Brad Marchand sheesh. Their accuracy with being able to put pucks wherever they want has always been incredible. Those years around 2010 were special to watch for sure.

    3. I.Am.Ironman


      I think this was the goal of their career. The Henrik no look tip pass then Danny with the finish.



    4. Down by the River

      Down by the River

      Grumpy Thomas Vanek fan at 0:11 of the first vid. 

  10. Korbinian Holzer with the twitter reply of the year after the gold medal game :lol:


    1. Cramarossa


      He was replying to a salty Leafs fan that was dragging him, not to the result of the game. 

  11. DiPietro stops 40 of 43 but the Spitfires lose 3-2 to Sarnia today. 6-2-1, 1.88 GAA, .946 save pct now on the year for him.
  12. DiPietro completely bailed out the Spits tonight... outshot 39-11 by London and they win 2-1. Crazy. 6-1-1, 1.67 GAA, .949 save pct, 1 SO on the season now.
  13. tfw you have Wheeler and Scheifele in your pool, the Canucks lose, and they get nothing :(

    1. Cramarossa


      I've got Ehlers and was still mad :angry:

  14. Rick Dhaliwal shutting down bs 1040 "rumours" is my new favourite thing on twitter.

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    2. stonecoldstevebernier


      yeah, its definitely refreshing to see 1040 not having a monopoly on radio now. Haven't really listened to 650 much yet but I just like seeing the 1040 guys be held accountable instead of spewing their nonsense unchecked.

    3. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      1040 is Rick's so-pitch. 

    4. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill



      (damn spellcheck)

  15. Boeser, Molino, and Juolevi all looked like they were a step ahead of the competition tonight imo. Very good showings from Lind, Carcone, and Chatfield as well.

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    2. Alflives


      We have a lot of really good prospects.  TBH the Jets are really bad, and have nothing.  Without that great goaltending by tha Russian kids, we score 7+.   

    3. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      Molino's got the toughest route onto the team of those guys but I could see him someday with Gaunce on a shutdown line. 

    4. chon derry