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  1. Within a few tweets Sekeres basically invented this whole narrative that Owen Powers is a problem case who doesn't want to be in Buffalo, its amazing the lengths he'll go to for a few likes and some attention. Really awesome to see Ferraro just shut him down; even though it means we don't have to listen to Sekeres on air anymore, I miss having TSN 1040 around because I always really liked Ferraro's interviews and insight.
  2. Our top priority imo should be a 3C with some offensive upside, might be hard with our cap constraints though. Wennberg, Granlund, Danault will probably be a little out of our price range but I'd for sure take any of them if we could find a way to make it work. Erik Haula could be a good option on the cheaper side of things, maybe Nick Bjugstad who I think is in line for a pay cut since he isn't the top six guy Florida once envisioned him as. (Likely) buying out Virtanen should give us some wiggle room so maybe we can get into that higher tier of 3C candidates. I'd much rather have Sutter on a cheap deal than Beagle, but we have what we have right now. Might as well let Beagle stay as 4C for another year and let his deal expire.
  3. I'd be in favour of taking on Andersson, he's still young and we need guys in our bottom six with offensive upside (even if its still untapped in his case). I don't think any team is taking Virtanen right now though. If he gets formally charged/convicted I imagine the team terminates his deal, and even if the case is dropped I suspect he's a strong buyout candidate which Benning hinted at during the presser - due to his age, they save way more on a potential buyout for him compared to Beagle, Roussel, etc. I hate to say it cause I really like the kid and want him to succeed, but I wonder if Juolevi could be in play this summer. It feels like management/coaching likes Rathbone a lot more based on their usage late in the year. I'd personally love to see Juolevi get more of a shot but I could also see him being dealt for a similar player of Andersson's ilk, perhaps.
  4. Didn't watch today's game because of work, but noticed Chatfield went -3 to put him at -11 in 18 games on the year, -7 in the last two combined. Was he at fault / out of place today or just a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong times? Overall I didn't see much to get excited about from Chatfield this season, would've much rather seen more of Juolevi or Rafferty. Even getting Bowey a game would've been nice. If they want to bring him back as AHL depth next year that's cool but I don't view him as an NHL player going forward.
  5. Anybody that's not Boston or a Canadian team, I'd be fine with. I'd root for Thornton if he wasn't on the Leafs - if they do, he'd be the absolute minimal silver lining to it. I kinda like Florida cause they've been bad for so long, Colorado too because of Mackinnon. Washington because Ovi is my favourite non-Canucks player. Also wouldn't mind Pittsburgh winning because I find it hilarious how much American fans hate Crosby, lol.
  6. Something I just noticed looking at Jasek's game log - he hasn't gone more than two games without a point this season, which only happened once in early April. Other than that, just a handful of single games without a point. Even in a vastly shortened season that's impressive consistency, hope he gets a shot at the bottom six in camp next year.
  7. I liked what Graovac showed in his time last season, and he's been good the past few games too. Probably the best out of this ragtag group of bottom six guys. I don't know if he has enough to be a regular in the lineup but I'd like to see him back next year, I think he can be something like the forward version of Alex Biega for us (older guy who won't complain about sitting in the press box as the 13th/14th forward but can step in and play solid minutes when needed).
  8. I wish we'd kept him on the taxi squad. Being sent to Utica pretty much sealed his fate with a 14 day quarantine period, even with more injuries the Canucks would probably reassign Lind/Gadjovich or give another young forward a shot over him.
  9. Wonder if a team like Buffalo puts in a claim on Stalock with Ullmark out. Or maybe Chicago as a backup upgrade over Subban/Delia. He's a lot easier to accommodate under a team's cap than Connolly will be.
  10. Awful hit, right call was made here. I do love that the replies to Player Safety on twitter are full of Habs fans crying about Myers though.
  11. He reminds me of a Jannik Hansen type. Guy with great hustle and checking abilities who can chip in on offense from time to time. I wouldn't mind seeing him move up the lineup when needed but think he's ultimately at his best in a ~3rd line role. He displayed a good scoring touch in college, and now recently in the playoffs + the start of this year, so i could see him being a guy that threatens that 20 goal plateau a couple times in his career similar to Hansen too.
  12. Not a good sign for him if he can't stick on that Hawks team, they've been brutal. Maybe a team that's short on bodies due to Covid (or is concerned about running into that scenario) picks him up.
  13. I was definitely in favour of signing Bowey after Stecher left, thought he'd be a low cost option on the right side with a bit of potential. Now that Hamonic's in the picture though, I don't see as much sense in bringing him in. Its going to be a strange season, rather use the circumstances to give guys like Juolevi and Rafferty some NHL ice time and see what they do with it.
  14. I like it, the kind of tweener player every system needs. Should add some much needed veteran help for Utica whenever they start playing and showed that he can chip in at the NHL level too if injuries hit for us.
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