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  1. Markstrom and Tanev are the priorities now imo. Marky is the team MVP and Tanev has really proven his worth in these playoffs, without him I'd be worried about what our defense looks like next year - we really don't have anyone nearly as reliable on the defensive side of things. Even though we gave up a lot to get him, I'm fine with letting Toffoli walk. Our top six is good and Podkolzin/Hoglander will come in on ELCs in the next couple of years to offset some of the big contracts we'll have to give out soon. If we're going to invest ~$5m somewhere (and Toffoli could cost more than that), it should be on defense and not up front. Footnote though, was just thinking today how great it would be to see Toffoli make a surprise return and help put us over the top vs the Blues. Not sure how likely that is but there's still some hockey to be played so fingers crossed.
  2. Daniel & Henrik Sedin Award - Boeser Cyclone Taylor Trophy - Markstrom Walter (Babe) Pratt Trophy - Hughes Pavel Bure Award - Pettersson Fred J. Hume Award - Stecher
  3. Thanks for putting this together @-AJ-. I'd been absent from posting in the forums for a while but this made me want to participate for a bit again. I think the list is solid, I would've liked to see Cooke get in but 51 is as close as it gets. Maybe if we extend it to the top 250 we could get Bernier in lmao. I'm sure Pettersson, Hughes, Boeser, and Horvat will all move towards the top of this list in years to come. Markstrom should get in too, and his rank will only improve if he can add some playoff success to his name. Tanev should rise a bit more if he re-signs for a few more seasons. Couple other guys on the roster could land there too depending on how their futures play out, its an optimistic time to be a fan (or it will be, when the league starts up again lol).
  4. Voting Cooke, nominating Sandlak.
  5. Same as last round, voting Smith and nominating Schmautz.
  6. Voting Smith, nominating Schmautz.
  7. Voting Ververgaert, nominating Boeser.
  8. Voting Ververgaert, nominating Pettersson.
  9. Voting Tanev, nominating Pettersson. I see the merit in having him and/or Boeser slot in around the 50 spot. There's little doubt he'll hold down a place near the top of this list as he career progresses, and he's had his fair share of memorable moments already. One of two (soon to be three?) Calder trophy winners in franchise history. There are a few good soldiers and characters left that could be nominated, but given that we have 39 selected already and 10 options on the poll, I figure his name deserves a chance to be in the running.
  10. Voting Babych, nominating Matt Cooke.
  11. Voting Williams, nominating Gary Smith.