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  1. Canucks will probably get 7th spot. Chicago gets 1st pick.
  2. O yeah, they developed, only other teams developed more.
  3. Describtion down below from "elite prospects" on a hall of famer during the 80s and 90s which surname been switched with Pettersson . Question is Who is he?! "Pettersson was fantastic one-on-one with defensemen, using his terrific stickhandling skills and tremendous skating abilities. Had a laser of a shot, and was an awesome playmaker and passer.Once a pure offensive force, Travis Green turned him into an outstanding two-way center and an amazing defensive forward as well. To achieve this, Pettersson had to sacrifice a lot of personal stats and instead improve the team. A quiet player, Pettersson is famous for his "lead-by-example" style of leadership"
  4. Could he be talking to himself? ELIAS!! FOCUS!!
  5. Should be "Helvete" or "Fitta" that is most common among angry hockey players.
  6. Dont get this tanking thing. Its all weird. Its like last 15 games of the season is a race between 10 teams and they all try to play as lousy as possible to get a good draft spot. Is this even legal? To stop playing in end season? What about betting? What abou fans going to games that the franchise/players dont want to win? Crazy.
  7. Not impossible Dahlen is a player quite dependent on his surrondings. Explaining why his success in Utica never rose. Why not try him out with Petey again? What to lose with 15 games left? Would suck if Sharks call him up and he gets regular time with them the coming years.
  8. “His agent asked me a couple weeks ago if we could move him,” Jim Benning said in his post-trade deadline press conference on Monday.
  9. Really!!!??? Well, then what are we even talking about?? Put him up beside Petey and let the magic happen!!!
  10. Put EP in Utica and threat him like a piece of $&!# and maybe it will affect his play...? Not saying Dahlen would "do an EP" if he got the chance. But he could not possibly &^@# it up more than any other player on the canucks roster.
  11. Well, all the years he played together with EP he was equal to him points wise, more than we can say about a few of the players shotgunning him right now.
  12. Well, right now the "Utica way" seems to be making boyz 2 men, and we all know that they made som real awful music....
  13. Im not saying he is strong mentally. Might be the opposite. But with the right environment it doesent mean that he cant become a great hockey player. His development looked good so far. I guees we will find out the coming season in San Jose.
  14. Was there ever an player getting somewhere (NHL?) thinking he was worse than he was? Its normal 21-year old behaviour. You want to move up, who doesent? The problem was that he felt bad about playing hockey in Utica, instead of building him up, they wore him down (Dahlens words). Easy solution: Get rid of him, he dont know what hes talking about, weak player probably. Better solution?!: Listen to what the player is saying. Is there any truth at all in his saying, we might have to change something, that would be &^@#ing hard, but maybe we could get something good out of it?
  15. Dahlens problem (according to him) was not spending time in Utica, it was.... Utica.
  16. Mr Benning on why he got rid of Dahlen: “I think there’s upside to Jonathan’s game,” said Benning. “I don’t, maybe, necessarily think there was a fit to the style of game our team, or our organization, likes to play, with speed and ski...speed and pressuring pucks and getting in hard, getting to the net and stuff. We worked with him all year on those things and he’s improved those things, we just felt good about getting Karlsson in this deal.” Seen much of that last 10 games....
  17. Well, he was Canucks pointleader in the two rookie games against Winnipeg (3+2) playing with Pettersson (Dahlen and Petey had 9 points in 2 games) and Lind. He was ok in the pre season games alos, against Edmonton for example. Im also convinced EP has a style of play that adapted to NHL so much better. No doubt he is the superstar comparing to Dahlen. Just think its odd that a highly ranked rookie dont get at shot with EP since they have their great history with chemistry and friendship, and they showed a glimpse on the pre season. Some players also suit better in NHL than in AHL, since Green is mixing the lines like it was a tombola anyaway, he could give Dahlen a few games before sending him away. Its clearly something wrong in Utica anyways. Dahlen might have been the one to shed the light on it right now, but they havent brought any decent players to the Canucks lately and theres little hope it would happen any time soon.
  18. Dahlen first year was &^@#ed up. He got mononucleosis esrly and went back to sweden. When he comes back next season he and EP dominates pre season. However some cleaver guy puts him in AHL, i guess to prove something... Because something is wrong with his mentality, and it will get fixed in Utica, by putting pressure on him and giving him scoldings. Have to wear them down to bring them up... Well it didnt work for Dahlén, better luck next time.