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  1. Gaudette could go 80 or 81, pretty cool numbers still. Good question though.
  2. True. Big statement from #35. It looked like Thatch coulda been in for a looong night in the first half of the 1st P. But he really settled it down and was excellent.
  3. Boy they sure love their “boooos” @ Centre Bell. Loud and angry. Great overtime period. That was some excellent work and perfect positioning. And a touch of elite talent, I guess. I’m really glad I decided to go tonight. Great win.
  4. It’s the wide angle lens on my new phone. I swear it makes everything smaller
  5. All he’s ever done is take it to another level each season. I’m not worried about that line at all. Quite exciting for him to have those two on his wings.
  6. Man, those were some good times. Best 5 year stretch in my fandom. I was just into grade 9 when they lost to the Hawks the first time.
  7. Is that O’Brien lurking in the back? I recognize the half-goatee. Probably not back in that era, but it looks like him.